Prophecy: The Breath of God (audio)

A teaching based on Genesis 2:7, God’s breathing into the nostrils of man. This one hour teaching will share with you the importance of prophecy, God’s intention for prophetic utterances, and how you can partner with Him and ‘marry’ His breath. Taught in my Prophetic Mentoring Group, I make lesson available for one week before it is archived to CD.



word of wisdom

The Sin of Spiritual Arrogance

Let us learn to not become what I call ‘spiritually arrogant’. There will be revelations and understandings that the Lord will reveal to us that some may never receive. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love God or even that they’re deceived; they are just ignorant in that area like you were at some point. That does not give you the right to look down your nose at them or to point fingers at their ignorance. Your role then is to become their teacher, if you have that influence,¬†or to pray that God raises up a teacher for them. Consider the fact that before you received your ‘revelation’, you were in the dark too. Now that you have found this ‘jewel of knowledge’, use it to teach others not beat others.
The Bible says that knowledge puffs up. It tends to swell your pride and ego if it not used in its proper context. A thing to notice about the religious rulers of their day is that they used the Bible to brow beat others. They even tried to beat Jesus with it. What God has given you is a gift of understanding in that area. Honor the Giver by handling it appropriately. Know the difference between someone walking in error and someone who is ignorant to a thing. Pray for them. Ask the Father to grant them understanding the same way that someone prayed it for you.
Let me say this too. A quick way to fall flat on your face is to operate in foolish pride. Remember, you are no better than anyone else. God loves you and the person next to you the same though your responsibilities may be different. Don’t ever lift yourself up to cast someone else down. Pride goes before the fall. Humble yourself and walk soft before the Lord. Consider yourself lest you also be tempted.
word of wisdom

Don’t Move Without God

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Pray for direction.. Pray for guidance…Pray for insight. Do you know how many people jump start their day without acknowledging the Lord? How do you expect God’s favor on a day that you haven’t crowned Him in? In terms of your money. Pray for direction. Ask the Father what is on HIS heart for your increase. There is a devouring spirit across the land consuming the increase of GOD’S people because they haven’t acknowledged Him. Caterpillars, Cankerworms, and Palmerworms are roaming the earth consuming certain harvests. This must be stopped. 1 Tim. 1:12 says, The Lord is committed to keeping that which has been entrusted to Him. Some people receive tremendous financial breakthroughs and before they can enjoy it, a devouring spirit comes to consume it because they did not acknowledge the Lord.
Listen, crown the Lord as King in every area of your life. Seek Him and let Him be found of you. Don’t make a move without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I gave a word to one young lady that, “When you receive your next breakthrough, hold your check for seven days and fast over it. The enemy has plans to consume your finance through unnecessary spending, repairs, and bread eaters. God expects you to prove your stewardship over His blessing.”
If the Lord takes no interest in your endeavors, the enemy has full access to it. Os Hilman says it like this, “it is important for us to know whether we have God’s hand upon our endeavors. Presumption leads to failure. God’s favor leads to success. Ask God to confirm His hand on your endeavors.”
…”If Your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here” (Exodus 33:15). Don’t move without God.

Use Your Talents

The Lord says, there are many of you that have made divine deposits throughout the years by continually standing on My word and praying even when you didn’t see results. You were faithful in adversity and steadfast even when the storms raged around you. I am a God of justice and I am going to honor My word. It is time to use those gifts and talents that I have deposited in you. I have deposited many gifts in you that you have not yet seen come into fruition. Many of you are ready to walk in the ministries and callings that I have for you. Don’t be afraid to step out because I am with you and I will position you as well as escort you. Do not hide your talents but be prepared to move into the plan that I have for you says the Lord. – Elaine Tavolacci

Marriage is Ministry Too

I ministered at a marriage conference a few years ago and I noticed a gentleman sitting in the back. He seemed so uncomfortable as he sat through the message, but my attention was continually drawn to him. (nothing lustful, this was spiritual) I ministered on the importance of marriage in ministry being balanced and how priorities and boundaries have to be set in place to preserve the marriage. I talked about the importance of sex from the husband’s point of view and I talked about why women shy away from sex at times in marriage.
The message was a blessing, even to me, but afterwards I felt led to speak personally to this gentleman. He introduced himself and asked if I knew him. I said, No. He said he was a frequent speaker on TBN. I told him that I don’t watch TBN. Anyway, he said the message blessed him but he had wished he had heard it earlier. He said, “I wish someone would have told me how ministry would have impacted my marriage.” I said, where is your wife (I noticed he was alone and everyone else in attendance were coupled.) He said, We are divorced. She left me because I was on the road too much and she felt as if I abandoned her. I was deeply saddened because this man (and I won’t name him) was evidently in love with his wife but his busy-ness in ministry caused her to turn another way. The sadder part is that there are children involved who had to grow up without daddy in the home because daddy was never home and momma made it permanent.
He went on to tell me about who all he ‘ran’ with and all that jazz, but here was this man, ‘successful’ as many would deem him, but miserable. Here he was at a marriage conference, divorced and alone.
Listen, marriage has stress like NO OTHER relationship on the planet, but ministry places demands on a marriage like you would never believe. I talk about this in my book, but I have to say that what we are seeing ministry become in this modern time is not how Jesus wanted it to be. People are like crabs in a barrel, climbing on top of each other, snatching titles and positions trying to make a name. For what? What does it prosper you to gain the world and lose everything else? There are a lot of preacher’s kids today who HATE THE CHURCH because of their parents. There must be balance. When it’s time to help your child with homework or take them on family outings, get off the phone, assign someone else to the prayer line, and close your preacher appointment book and spend time with your family. If you don’t, you will regret it. And the time you lost, you CANNOT get back.



Trust in the Lord

No one can trust God for you. You have to trust Him for yourself. Trusting God is an experience that builds stronger faith time after time. The greater your obstacle, the deeper your trust in Him has to be, and the stronger your faith will become. Think about your faith as a muscle. The more you trust God, the stronger your faith grows. Mountain moving faith people have trusted Him in the valleys before their faith grew to handle mountains. God is placing you in situations right now to grow your faith so you can handle mountains. Your trial won’t kill you, it is only meant to grow your faith stronger. Romans 5:3-5, “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation works patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope makes not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given to us.” http://pdlministries.weebly.com/


Wait for the Unction

If only we would wait for an unction to speak before we actually ‘speak’, perhaps we wouldn’t see as much bumbling and fumbling as we do in prophetic circles today. Some of us talk too much too soon and then we have to retract presumptuous statements. Prophets speak as moved by the Holy Ghost. There must be an unction before the function. Let’s slow it down a bit and wait for the unction. Let’s wait on the Holy Ghost to release us to speak. That way, our words are sound, weighted, and pure. If not, we are going to cause damage in someone’s life and God WILL hold us responsible because we should know better than that.



Your Certain Place

Man was not placed in the earth until the Garden was completed. Likewise, there are some situations that are not ready for you to be placed there yet. God is not finished tending to the atmosphere. When He is ready for you to be there, He will place you there with no sorrow and all that you need will be in that ‘certain’ place. If you have to wrestle and wiggle yourself there, you are preempting the move of God. You are pushing your will against the divine will of God. The grace you need to sustain you is not there yet and it will not go well because your timing is not synchronized with that of Heaven.