prophetic instruction, purpose

Insight to Leadership

Hadn’t been feeling 100% today so while binge-watching Blue Bloods, I caught something. The commissioner conducted an inspection of a precinct because there was a cop killer on the loose. He wanted to make sure his officers were sharp, alert, and well equipped. The officers stood in formation and one by one, the commissioner inspected their uniform. One was missing his flashlight, another had his cell phone on display, and another was missing their nightstick. They were distracted and careless; a set up for destruction. Not one of them copped an attitude when he called them on their folly. They responded, “Yes, sir”, owned their shortcoming, and accepted the correction. Now, how many people do you know would have sulked, withdrawn to their pity corner, and feel offended? Or who would have been thankful that someone with greater insight called them on a hidden danger? Protection looks like punishment. When someone is telling you something for your own good, why not swallow the attitude, listen, and live? The commissioner didn’t have to call out their flaws. He could have overlooked it to keep everyone happy. He could have remained in his posh upstairs office and let the officers fall on their own swords but when you care about your command, you will come out of your comfort zone to see about those in your influence. When you understand authority, another man’s comfort – not even your own is a priority. Seeing to the well being of those in your command becomes your priority. It is instinctive for you to watch them and call out what you see and whether they like what you say is not even up for discussion. We all have a job to do; lead or follow someone who will.

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