word of wisdom

Wisdom Keys in Relationships

Wisdom Keys of Life: When you’ve reached out to someone you care about and they do not respond, you’ve got your answer for the moment.Often in relationships we pursue people for whatever reason sometimes we are only left with the fact that you tried to reach out, proceed with your life and don’t keep hurting yourself. By: Apostle Ivory Hopkins• Relationships can only be made by two participants • With offences true or false that’s were their mind is at the moment• Your reaching out to them at least left the door for them to come in• If they don’t keep them in your prayers and proceed with what you have responses and control over.• To walk in the high calling of life you can’t stay camped out in situations that’s going nowhere.Families and relationship have a lot of issues and I have learned that you can’t fix everything, all you can do is put forth your best afford and move on because you know you did.Someone needed this Wisdom Key of Life to help them cope I am still working on my new book: Wisdom Keys of Practical Life
Authored by Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

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