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When Service Is No Longer Pleasurable

Serving (in anything) should be a pleasure. When serving becomes a chore, you have lost your passion which opens the doors for spirits of passivity, complacency, complaining, long-eyeing folks, and other works of the flesh to manifest. Do what you do wholeheartedly or don’t. A half- hearted work is worse than the thing never being touched in the first place for as in the case of Samuel and Saul, someone has to now perform clean up duty of your thing in addition to their own service.

Source: (3) Delisa Lindsey

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Gehazi’s Downfall

Gehazi served Elisha; he was his ‘adjutant’ of sorts but something triggered in Gehazi’s heart that would change his life forever. Gehazi entertained a spirit of greed, covetousness, and dishonor which took root in his heart and harvested a great deal of trouble in his life. He betrayed his man of God, he worked behind his back, took what didn’t belong to him, and wiped his mouth clean as if he had done nothing wrong. Elisha knew full well what Gehazi had done and of the spirits Gehazi had been operating in but like Jesus, he held his peace. He allowed Gehazi to fully manifest and then came the judgment.I studied the 20th chapters and 17th verses(2017) in the Bible and Exodus 20:17 clearly warns against covetousness. It is a grave sin which opens the doors to many spirits of torment to attack a person’s life. Elisha was the set man, it was his right to receive gifts from Naaman whether he choose to or not but Gehazi clearly had neither lot or say in the matter. It was not his place to take anything from Naaman. He should have articulated his desires to Elisha and let Elisha decide from there but covetousness of the heart will impair judgment. It will cause one to think they are owed something, as if they are being ‘left out’ but this is a lie from the enemy. If you have to lie and deceive to meet a need, God is not the source of that need. Subsequently, Gehazi was afflicted with leprosy, a life time health condition and simultaneously lost his place in Elisha’s life. This was a high price to pay but God sent a message behind the judgement. Thou shalt not covet. Stay in your place of grace. Don’t graze in another man’s pasture unless invited to do so and above all, walk in honesty. Elisha sees you and so does the God of Elisha.

Source: (5) Delisa Lindsey

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Embrace the Wait

Isaiah 27:14, “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

The word ‘wait’ was one I hated in my infant days in the Lord. I had no patience whatsoever. I wanted everything NOW but when the Lord has to teach you the art of patience, He will draw everything out for you SLOW. Breakthroughs that you could have received within months will take years when you have need of patience because your short fuse, presumptuousness, and hastiness will set you back every time. Waiting is not your enemy; in fact, waiting is your friend. If you were truly ready for your blessing God would have given it to you. If He tells you to wait, trust and believe that there is a very good reason why. I thank God for my wait. My wait saved my life and is still saving lives today. Don’t hate your wait. Embrace it.


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Failure in the Corporate Prayer

A disturbing trend I am noticing is that when the people of God come together for corporate prayer, many of them are waiting for someone to ‘lead’ the prayer. Although there is nothing wrong with a lead intercessor, there is still a responsibility for the others to pray too. Corporate prayer is more than saying, “Yes, Lord. Have your way, Lord. Yes, in the name of Jesus”, it is calling out the petitions of the prayer group aloud and agreeing with others as they call them out too.
When a church or group gathers for prayer, everyone should pray. Not only does this foster the ‘touching and agreeing’ the petition needs, but it also shows how strong our personal prayer altars are. It shows how well versed we are in ‘prayerology’ and it INCLUDES us in the offering up of the matter unto the Lord.
Many have said, “I don’t know how to pray”, but they can talk on the phone all day long about nonsense. Prayer is communication with God. If you can communicate with people, you can pray. While there are many intense methods of prayer, advanced prayer vocabulary, and prayer accessories, the main thing about prayer is the actual praying.
Jesus told us to pray that we enter not into temptation. Why are so many falling into temptation? They don’t pray. When you don’t pray, you don’t have the God-conscience you need to make intelligent decisions. Jesus said to seek Him early. Many of us, however, seek Him late; after a matter has occurred. Prayer makes us proactive while prayerlessness causes to be reactive.
Family, we have to learn how to pray. There is nothing wrong with prayer lines, prayer calls, prayer groups, and etc. if they are truly in touch with the Lord. But if YOU don’t know how to pray for yourself, you will always wait for a ‘prayer leader’ or find yourself parked in someone’s prayer line waiting for someone to do the praying for you. Get to know the Lord personally. Build your own prayer altar at home and keep it burning in the fire of God. If you do so, when you join the corporate prayer, you can truly ‘touch and agree’ versus ‘yessing’ and ‘amening’ your way throughout the entire prayer.

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The Importance of Spiritual Maturity

Our current church generation is saturated with many who claim a call to ministry. While many whose claim to the call is genuinely authentic, there are a great many more whose claims are invalid. Today’s minister face more in the line of temptations than any other preacher generation before us. Many are in competition with one another, spying on other ministries’ social media sites, and even attend conferences as peeping toms just to duplicate what they deem ‘successful’ ministry. With the ever increasing number of ministers with a claim to the call, there is hardly sufficient evidence of proof. Is there is an ever increasing number of souls translated into the Kingdom of God or turned to hell? Answer honestly. Churches are emptier than ever before.  Churches are under attack of gun violence like never before. Sin is prevalent in our churches like never before and compromise has not only raped our pulpits, it has swept across the entire congregation. If as many ministers are truly called as they have claimed, why aren’t our nation’s laws affected by Godly influence? Where is the thermostat of our ministers’ prayers for this nation set? We are cold.
We have more prophets than any other time on the face of the earth but we don’t see the Malachis turning the people back to the Father like we should. We don’t see the Elijahs tearing down pagan altars like they should. We don’t see the John the Baptists calling the people to repentance. We don’t see the Daniels ministering to kings and national leaders. We don’t see the Jeremiahs weeping and travailing for the sin-sick condition of our land. Something is off.
We have more apostles than any other time on the face of the earth but our churches are more out of order than ever. Doctrine has been replaced with sugar and we are spiraling out of control. We are not seeing healings, deliverance, salvation, and signs and wonders that are supposed to follow the apostles. When was the last time you have seen anyone in your church baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost? Demons cast out? Restoration of family, community, nation?
Many of today’s ministers lack spiritual maturity. They are newborn babies who caught a whiff of the glamor? of a title and ran with it. Many of them have never been personally mentored. They may have internet connections but there is no one standing with them who knows them personally. Jesus personally mentored His apostles. They were not internet sons and daughters, they were personal and up close with Him. He needed to see them on their good days in ministry and their not so good days in ministry. He needed to see their reactions to situations that occurred in their lives. He needed to see them lose their temper, make mistakes, fight and argue with one another, and witness their family relationships so He could better show them what it takes to be a true apostle of the Lord Jesus. Where has that gone? Who can take the rebuke that Peter took from Jesus and remain a son? Who can take being called a faithless and perverse generation and still follow Jesus? Where are ‘those’ people who can take a lick and keep on ticking? Instead, we have a generation of hypersensitive, overgrown babies wearing collars (or not) standing on a platform instructing someone how to live a life of faith that they, themselves, have not tested and tasted firsthand.
Saul/Paul was taken down his high place because he was in error. He was zealous for the work of God but didn’t fully and personally know God. He was humbled and blinded until further notice. He was not allowed to return to life as he knew it. God got a hold of him AND made him suffer for the Lord since he was such a nuisance to the Church. God forgave him but he still had a price to pay. Even after being called, and as knowledgeable as Paul was in the Holy Scriptures, he still had to wait fourteen years until he was released into public ministry. Jesus waited thirty years. David waited fifteen years. The apostles waited three and half years (they tutored under Jesus – go figure) but many of today’s preachers won’t wait six months. Do you see why there are so many problems among the people of faith today?

Paul wrote to Timothy, his spiritual son, and gave him instructions on setting leadership in place. 1 Timothy 3:6, “Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.” Paul made it emphatically clear that a leader must be a person of experience or else he will fall into the trap of the devil. A novice is a new convert, a newly saved person, or someone inexperienced in a thing. I can’t tell you how many times I have personally seen a person claim a call or receive a ‘word’ from some great one telling them they are called, and instead of them submitting to discipleship, they print business cards and run for the hills. Saints, that is not the God-prescribed formula for leading ministry and this type of hastiness in ministry will not only leave that person vulnerable to satanic attack, but the people to whom they are ‘called’ to serve are just as vulnerable. The Lord is not returning for a ‘bastard’ house – a house without the Father. He is returning for a Bride – a woman (church) of submission. We have to set our ego and pride aside, rend our heart before the Lord, and get back in order. It is better to repent now and do your first works over than to continue in sin and face serious consequences later.

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The "Go" in the Gospel

Mike Murdock said something so profound. He said the first two letters of the word ‘gospel’ are the words, ‘go’. I never thought of it that way but it makes sense. When you consider the early church, our prototype, they were constantly engaged with one another. They worshipped together, witnessed Christ together, gave together, and ate together. There was a strong spirit of unity contained within the early church that advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom grew exponentially. Why? Because the people had joy. Scripture declares that the joy of the Lord is our strength.
When a person is withdrawn, spacey, divisive, or just plain ‘missing’, their countenance speaks for itself. These kinds of people can hardly advance the Kingdom because the joy of the Lord is absent. Therefore, when the zeal and the strength a person needs to witness Christ is absent, opportunities for that person to become actively involved in the ‘go’ing aspect of ministering are passed over.

Jesus said something that still shakes my soul today. He said that in that day He would say to many, “Depart from Me. I never knew you.” Now, under what circumstances would someone ordinarily say, “They don’t know you”, other than the circumstances that define our absence of fellowship? What’s the word for us? Fellowship. Your spiritual family then, if they truly have the heart of God, has been divinely placed in your life to bring joy and the strength of the Lord. Being in the midst of the right kind of people will empower your spirit with the ‘go’ you need to do what the Lord asks of you to do.

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Son or Orphan?

I inquired a thing of the Lord a while ago that He recently brought back to my attention just recently. I wanted to know why certain ‘Christians’ were getting away with their questionable behavior while other ‘Christians’ were dealt with swiftly and severely. I certainly wasn’t challenging the Lord’s parenthood but I needed answers. What He told me opened my eyes so wide that they will never close to this revelation again.
He said that those He chastens, He loves. He is a good Father who rules His children well. He does not overlook their flaws but rather uses them as teachable moments for them to mature past the point of foolish misconduct and grow into successful Kingdom citizens. Not everyone naming the name of the Lord is a son of God. They have refused the adoption process by continuing in their own ways and resisting House rules. They are orphans, wandering children who may check in once and a while to eat and patch up their wounds but they are not the sons of God. These are those who label themselves ‘Christians’, know all the Kingdom jargon, know church politics, and can function in any capacity of ministry they choose but they have not been adopted. They can get away with nasty attitudes, arrogance, causing contention and strife, and provoking divisions because they are un-parented. They claim the Father as theirs in name only. They carry His name but they don’t contain His DNA. They have not been regenerated, blood washed, or delivered from worldly mindsets but they still cloak themselves in ‘Kingdomatics’ feigning themselves off as the real thing.
When a person is a son of God, they will submit to His chastisement because their renewed mind has agreed with the Father that their actions were insubordinate. They know they were out of line, haughty, or mischievous and while yet striving for perfection, they have come to terms with their own frailty. These are those whom the Father will deal with swiftly and severely to alter their behavior into that which becometh saints of the Most High God. He won’t let allow them to continue nor become comfortable in sin. He loves them too much to leave them in a state of spiritual disarray.
The orphan will not submit and will fight against any form of correction or attitude adjustment that comes their way. They are like the fools in Proverbs who don’t acknowledge the Lord’s existence at all. They will continue to repeat disturbing patterns because they have never learned how to adjust them. Despite how it may appear, they don’t ‘get away’ the way it appears but they will be allowed to continue in their way for a season until their own doings catch up with them. The scriptures tell us, “Fret not ourselves over evil doers for they will soon be cut down”. The deeds of the proud, the orphan, and the fool will return into their bosom. It is not necessarily the correction of the Father. In other words, the Father will ALLOW the devourer to enter their lives based upon the laws of reciprocation; they have sown misconduct and therefore must reap it. Orphans are self-destructive which is why many times the Father will instruct you to avoid them. Love them and pray for them but separate yourself from them because eventually their deeds will catch them and repay them accordingly.

Consider David, when he sinned the Lord sent Nathan immediately with a word of correction. When Abraham ‘felt some kind of way’ about sending Ishmael away, the Lord immediately sent word to him. When Jonah erred in judgment, the Lord swiftly moved to correct him. There are so many biblical accounts of the Lord correcting His sons and even more present day accounts of you and I, the sons of God whom the Lord delights in chastening to prove that the righteous don’t get away with anything. Therefore, if you are one of those ‘Christians’ who can act out and never experience the chastisement of the Lord, you should be concerned. The next time you wonder why ‘so and so’ has not received correction from the Lord, consider the fact that they may not be in position with the Father to be treated as a son. They may be orphans, on a course of their own, following their own mind, and doing their own thing. If a person can live in sin, and live comfortably without any conviction whatsoever to stop and repent, understand that according to Romans 8:14, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they shall be called the sons of God.” The proof is in the pudding. When you know better, you do better.

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In ‘Whose’ Name?

One might think the world’s greatest apostle is one with a million churches, changeable suits of robes, conferences and seminars filling the dates on their calendars, and popularity to boot. But when I think about the world’s greatest apostle who went in search of the people who needed Him, who suffered so the people would learn from His example, and who lived a continuous life of selflessness, it makes you ask yourself the timeless question. What in the world are we REALLY doing in the ‘name’ of Jesus?

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When The Saints are Too Sanitized

In my seasons of quietness, I have learned a few things. One is this. You can’t sanitize your environment so that the ones who NEED to get in can’t. Even a baby has to be exposed to certain germs and bacteria so that their immune system can develop. While it’s understandable to be surrounded by folks just like you, Jesus spent balanced time with those who could benefit more from His presence. Not all bacteria will harm you. Some will benefit you by making you stronger.

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Domesticated Lions Leading our Churches

God did not call His Apostles to be domesticated lions. They are to be rulers of the Jungle; Pioneers, ground breakers, and carriers of present truth into dark regions. Domesticated lions are caged. They don’t reach out, they don’t wander out, and they are susceptible to being petted as if in a petting zoo. They are lions for show because they’ve been restricted to entertainment purposes only. They aren’t a threat and the enemy does not fear them at all for they have been confined and stuck. They are not shaking kingdoms, not confronting darkness, and are not raising up cubs to function in their stead. They are domesticated.
Apostles are supposed to have a roar with the apostolic sound. Their claws are supposed to be sharp to tear down walls of religion. They don’t whine or cower in cages. Apostles preach sound doctrine on all levels with demonstrations following. They establish believers in foundational truths. They don’t just build church buildings, they build churches in believers. I have to say it and I may lose a friend or two but there are too many domesticated apostles. You have no bite and no roar whatsoever and are of no threat to the enemy’s camp. Satan knew who Paul was. Sadly, some of today’s apostles are unknown in heaven and hell. Only on earth do they have recognition and that’s from people who are scripturally ignorant and don’t know any better.