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Fellowship on the Holy Hill of God

Before the break of day, I was in the throne room of God seeking Him about many things pressed upon my heart. As I lay still with my eyes shut simply mumbling my prayers to the Lord (not wanting to wake my husband), I saw a vision of the sky appear before me. This was about 4am and it was quite naturally dark but within the confines of this vision, the sky appeared as bright as the noon day. As I glared into its brightness, a door appeared. It seemed to be an old wooden door and as I watched, the door opened revealing a brightness behind it. I emerged from the vision and resumed my prayers.

About three hours later as I started work for the day, I felt an unusual hunger in my spirit. It literally felt like a gnawing hunger. I brewed a cup of coffee to alleviate the hunger because I am not normally an early eater but I noticed that the hunger would not dissipate. I perceived that this was not a physical hunger but a spiritual one. I prayed, “Lord, I sense You want to teach me something. Lead me to the source of my lesson for today.” Moments later, Holy Spirit led me to a discovery of the source and I immediately postured my spirit to listen intently.

When we are petitioning the Lord for a thing, it is human for us to draw up some sort of conclusion of how we imagine the Lord will respond. We envision a person or a situation that will bring us the answer but I learned this morning in a renewed manner that God’s ways are unlike ours. Not only did I receive the answer for the matters I presented unto the Lord but I walked away with profound understanding and insight. I also walked away with renewed vision for the purpose wherewith I am called.

The Lord completely frustrated and dismantled my train of thinking and transported me to a place of comprehension. It was a moment of enlightenment and illumination that can only comes from spending time in His presence. There is a confidence He gave that I needed in a certain area along with the reassurance that the portals of Heaven are indeed open to the cries of the righteous. He answered questions I had been pondering over for weeks and He taught me plainly as a child what to do and how to get it done. No man’s advice or counsel could come close to what I received in the Presence and the peace of mind it brings is refreshing.

I feel as if the Lord wants to invite you also to an intimate fellowship with Him. You have been mentally embattled over some things that the Lord wants to clarify for you. He has the answers and if you would take the time to pull away from the cares of this life and press into His holy quietness, He will comfort you. He will teach you how to navigate through this season of your life and He will confirm His promises to you despite what you are currently facing. If you would do this and continue to do this, you are going to find a confidence in who you are that you have never known to exist before. The Lord says, “Call to Me and I will answer. I will answer out of My holy hill. I will sup with you and make My abode with you. I will show you things to come and give you understanding of things present. Walk me as a child with his Parent and I will lead you into ways everlasting.”

Won’t you accept that invite today? I did.


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The Strange Woman Who Wants Your Destiny – a prophetic dream

I saw this woman in a dream who was trying her best to seduce this man of God. He was in the driver seat and somehow she managed to get in the car with him but was sitting in the back seat. He had his mind on where he was going and wasn’t paying her attention but her attention was on him. She tried to catch his glance in the rear view mirror but he still wouldn’t look at her. When all else failed, she gapped her legs wide open to try to lure him but he still would not look back at her.

Men of destiny, as in the case of Joseph, the enemy will send women after you who are forceful, strong, and determined. They don’t care anything about you or your God, they want your flesh. As the man in the dream and in the case of Joseph, keep your mind on the Lord and He will deliver you from the temptation of the strange woman. We are living in the time of Isaiah when he said 7 women will take hold of one man. They don’t care about sharing you, they just want you. This kind of woman doesn’t want commitment. They don’t want to submit to a marriage, they just want the flesh of a man. Be careful and be warned. These spirits in these wanton women are strong, seductive, and sexy and they will turn your life upside down if you let them. Maintain your integrity and stay accountable. This is not the season to wander alone.



Dream of Emotional Handcuffs

Had a dream last night about a couple who were unable to cope with their emotions. In my dream, as we were passing the gate to exit the parking deck, two officers called for their vehicle to stop. They pulled the couple out of the car and commanded them on the ground where they arrested them. Then the officers approached our car. The female officer asked us a question. She asked, “Are you all happy? Do you know how to manage your emotions?” Once we said yes, she said, “I was going to handcuff you if you said no.”

The Lord was showing me through that dream that our emotions, if not checked and if not managed, could bound us up preventing us from moving forward. When we allow our feelings to get the best of us, they are actually handcuffing us from advancing in life.

The Bible says that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength. We need the Joy of the Lord to strengthen and keep us in all of our ways. Without it, we are subject to being resisted and maybe even hindered.

My prayer for you today is that you let go and let God. Learn to move forward and break through the chains of emotional bondage. It’s only for our good and for the good of those who love us to be free in our minds.



Prophetic Dream: God’s Love for the Backslidden

I had a dream last night that I was ministering to a back-slidden young lady. I was encouraging her to return to the Lord and to do her first works over. As I stood talking with her, I noticed a volcano behind her. The more she resisted, the more the volcano began to erupt. I continued sharing with her how much the Lord loved her beyond her faults and issues and she still refused to return. I list

ened to her tell me about the hurts she experienced and why she did this and why she did that, but the more she spoke, I kept looking behind her to watch the volcano. She continue to speak about what she had been through and make excuses for her refusal to return. After awhile, the volcano came to a full eruption. But the thing is, as it erupted, a tower appeared right beside it. We all ran because the ground began to shake and the lava was flowing over hills and valleys coming in our direction. I grabbed as many as I could on my way in to bring them to safety, but when I looked for the young lady, she was gone.

I cried out to God for her and I asked Him to have mercy. I was running, grabbing children and pushing them into the building while crying and praying for this young lady. The Lord allowed me to heart her parents prayers for her so I repeated what I heard them pray concerning her (came into agreement) that our prayers would form a symphony for the Lord to hear.

Out of nowhere, the tower that appeared beside the volcano began to erupt. The top of the tower exploded and out of it came rushing waters. The water came out with such force and fury that it immediately quenched the erupted volcano and halted the flow of the molten lava. The waters followed the very stream of the lava and cooled it as a block of ice.

I stood in astonishment because everything had happened so fast that my mind could hardly comprehend it all. When I could gather my senses, I looked around for the young lady and I saw her walking toward me, safe and unharmed. When she could see who I was, she ran to me and said, Thank you for praying for me. I thought I was going to die but your prayers saved me. As I woke from my sleep, I could hear the Holy Spirit quoting the verse, WHEN THE ENEMY COMES IN, LIKE A FLOOD THE SPIRIT OF GOD WILL LIFT UP A STANDARD.


Forced Relationships

A young married woman appeared in my dreams last night very disturbed by the events in her marriage. She was trying to force her husband to be something against his wishes. She was forcing the will of God down His throat and trying within herself to conform him into the man of God she wanted him to be. Split seconds later, her garments changed. From the first, she appeared to be dressed modestly but when she found that she could not change her husband into her image, she began to dress very provocatively. I approached her in the dream and I instructed her that as a woman of God, this type of dress was unacceptable and unbecoming. She replied that she didn’t care and that she wanted men to pay attention. I pleaded with her to the point of tears in my eyes that this was not the way to go. I told her that she was making a very dangerous mistake by playing with the enemy. Her reply was of nonchalance and walked on past me.

Ladies, you cannot force your husband to be anything he is not ready or unwilling to be. When you do this it becomes witchcraft because you are trying to control a person against their will. This young lady wanted her husband in the church like she was, but the truth of the matter is that she wasn’t in the church like she thought she was and her husband saw through her hypocrisy and refused to follow her. When she determined that she could not persuade him one way, she thought to use another more malicious way to provoke him to jealousy when all she did was disrespect her husband, invited the enemy into her marriage through seduction, put Christ to an open shame and ultimately find herself in the Hands of an angry God. God spoke volumes to me through this dream. He said, Daughter, My sons do desire to come and worship before Me. He said they do love Me. But they show it differently than most of My daughters do and they have interpreted it to mean that their husbands are not interested in church. He said their husbands are closely observing their wives and refuse to follow them in their error because I have made them the head. He said most of them have more fear and reverence for Me than their church going wives because they respect Me enough to not play the hypocrite in My House. And my response was, Wow God.


Sweet Dream

In a dream last night, I saw a family which had been ripped apart by the work of the enemy. But because there were believers who continued to pray despite their separation, God caused an event to take place where they ‘happened’ to be at the same place at the same time. This family began to embrace one another and share with the other what all the Lord had been performing in their lives. There was great rejoicing and then I noticed a pattern taking place right before my very eyes. This family was eating from the same jar that appeared on a table in the midst of them. I saw them, one by one, taking from the jar and eating the contents thereof. I moved in closer to examine exactly what it was that they were sharing from the same jar. What I saw was the word, SWEET.

I don’t know what has happened in your family and for how long it has been happening but what I do know is that if you continue to pray for your family, God will cause things to turn around. Don’t give up, no matter how hard or impossible things may seem. In fact, the enemy may trigger something else to discourage you from praying, but don’t stop praying. The Lord caused me to observe this family for a reason. He said, you may be going through a BITTER situation right now, but if you keep persevering in prayer, I am able to make it SWEET.


Illegal Access through Dreams

Watch what tries to gain access to your spirit during your dreams. Kill the snake before he has a chance to lay eggs. If you awaken disturbed with the gut feeling that something wicked visited you in your dreams and left a filthy residue, ask Holy Spirit to purge you, wash you and make you clean.

I experienced a very filthy dream last night and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as if something was trying to burrow itself there but I plead the Blood of Jesus over all of my spiritual gates and I shut the door to all evil visitors in Jesus name. I pluck up every evil plant by the root and annihilate every plan of sabotage in Jesus name. Every unclean spirit trying to gain illegal access to the people of God through wicked dreams be cast out and sent wherever the Lord Jesus wants them to go. I refuse to come into alignment with filthy dreams and I denounce any evil agreement I may have made while asleep and unconscious in Jesus name.


There is a Raisin in the Son

The Lord showed me a vision of a fruit this morning. A small fruit; even a raisin. He whispered in my ear saying, ‘There is a raisin in the Son.” Whoa, God, I pondered, what do you mean there is a raisin in the Son? (God loves to deal with me in parables!) He said remember the virgins in Israel who would tread the freshly harvested grapes from the vines to make wine? I said, yes Lord. He said you know that wine is symbolic of the joy in the Holy Ghost; it makes one happy. I said, yes Lord. He said there is a joy that My people are getting ready to experience that will surpass any they have had in the past. There is an anointing of fresh wine, an anointing of fresh joy coming to the church. God said that we have been travailing, warring, and wrestling and the enemy has tried to seize our joy. But I am returning to you the joy of your salvation. You will smile again. You will laugh again. There has been a garment exchange in the Spirit concerning you. I have given you a cloak of joy for the garment of heaviness. God said I have given you a new dance, a new shout and a new reason to rejoice.

I said okay Lord, but what about the raisin? He said the raisin has withered in the faith; withered in the Son. He said the raisin has been overexposed. It had no covering and it made a vain attempt to stand before me naked and ashamed. Then the Lord began to show me how many ‘church folk’ have been hiding behind religion, dogma, titles, and positions imitating the robustness and vitality of grapes, but when the curtains were pulled back and when the covers were snatched off of them, they were exposed and ashamed, hence the raisin.

God said although a raisin has maintained a portion of her sweetness, she has lost her elasticity. She cannot be stretched, in other words, a raisin will always move in restriction. She cannot be used after the manner of the grape. She is unable to release sweet juice like a grape, thus unable to produce joy. God said raisins are cheap, inexpensive, and in plenty and are available at anytime for anything, but the grapes operate in their seasons, fulfill their purpose and wait patiently for the Lord to call them forth again. Grapes are a hot commodity, when they function in their season, they are in high demand, but raisins are never in high demand for they are always used as a side item. Furthermore, a raisin can be kept for extended periods of time. A raisin could care less if anyone chose them to do a work for God, a grape, on the other hand, is always a looking for an opportunity to be used by God. A grape wants to remain fresh and has to be used within a few days of it being harvested. A raisin can sit on the shelf for weeks. God said there is a stagnant, stiff, story behind every raisin. God said He is calling for a re-examination of our status: are we grapes or raisins?


The Ice, the Ground, and the Tiller

This morning as I drove my daughter to the bus stop, I could not help how hard and icy the ground had become. Even as I walked across the front yard, I could hear the frozen grass crunching under the weight of my foot. I stood still for a moment, cold, but intrigued, as I reminisced how the luscious and velvety green the yard was only a few months ago. Thoughts of my children playing ball flashed through my mind. Thoughts of my husband and sons tending to the lawn flashed through my mind, but as I looked down, there were no signs that life was ever there. The Lord began to speak.

He said,” This ground has become like the hearts of some of My people. It once was a place where I could plant, tend, and harvest. It was once a place where my Word would dance and come alive. It was a place where I managed the activities of the body because it yielded itself to Me. Now look at it. It is hard. It is icy. It is lifeless. It represents a heart which refuses to repent; one which refuses to confess its sins. Nothing can be planted. Nothing can be harvested. It is good for nothing but to trodden upon by man. The grass you heard painfully bowing underneath your feet, represent what little harvest has remained. It is like the withering leaf; listless and worthless. It represents the fragment of the Word which is yet trying to spring forth and live despite having its roots frozen. Never you mind, and don’t be concerned for I have a remedy for the frozen heart. I have a tiller which burrows deep in to the earth, it cuts up and shreds and prepares the heart to receive again. This heart is experiencing a season of winter, but I have a rainy season, full of tears, which tenderizes that frozen heart, and softens it to receive seed again.”

I gave careful thought to what the Lord said and my response in prayer was simply, “Lord, in my winter season, keep the heater of the Holy Ghost burning that my ground will remain soft and pliable that the works of Your hands should remain.”


The Cracks in Your Windshield

I saw in a vision this morning the image of a cracked windshield. I saw a person driving nearby a dump truck carrying gravel. Loose gravel from the dump truck flew away and struck this person’s windshield. As I could see this person, they were seething with anger and hostility at the driver of the dump truck who was oblivious to what had just occurred. I could see this person even weeks later glaring at the crack in his window and being reminded of his vengeance toward the unconcerned truck  driver. The driver of the vehicle had full and comprehensive insurance policy with the best insurance agency in town, yet refused to make a claim. The driver continued to procrastinate about having his windshield repaired. Yet, every time this driver hit a bump in the road, he would revisit his feelings of hostility toward the truck driver because he feared the window being broken into a million pieces and being injured as a result. Finally, weeks later, the owner of the car, weary of being stressed out every time he drove his car, took his car to have the window repaired which his insurance paid in full.

Now you are wondering why I shared that vision with you. The Lord was showing me that there are some of us who have been driving through life with cracks in our windows. Cracks which could easily be prepared through fasting and prayer. He is showing us that we will become innocent victims of others’ carelessness’s. Especially in relationships, whether through marriages, family, employment, yes even in the church, you will become offended at someone else’s fault. But what do you do when your window has been hit by a stray rock? What do you do when someone you trusted to keep their baggage intact, allows their issue to become your issue? How do you handle the friend whom you tried to help who now begins to gossip and meddle into your affairs? How long will you drive through life with a cracked windshield?

You have the best insurance policy available. Your policy number is Psalms 103 – BTLOMS, in other words, Bless The Lord O My Soul which forgets not all of His benefits. This policy paid in full with the blood of Jesus forgives, heals, redeems, crowns, satisfies, and renews. You have protection against all drive by attacks by the Blessed Assurance, insurance program. The Lord wants us to stop going though life all ‘cracked’ up and come to Him that He may renew our spirit and restore unto us the joy of our salvation.