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Three Levels of Intimacy in Friendship

It is essential to have friends. In Christianity, we mostly view one another as sister or brother and though those handles are fine, there is still the need for friendship. One can be a sister and not be a friend; likewise, one can be a brother and not a friend. How many natural siblings do you have whom you don’t communicate with on a regular basis yet you are still related? The same applies in the Body of Christ; there are siblings and there are siblings and friends. Why is it important to foster friendship? God answers that question by stating that is not good for man to be alone. In other words, the Lord created us with a need for companionship.
You are not alone bearing a testimony of being hurt by a friend. We all have experienced it and some of are walking in that corridor of pain right now.  The enemy of our destiny will use the hurt and betrayal of friendship to his advantage. He will amplify those negative feelings and lure us away into seclusion that we shy away from trusting a friend ever again. What we must realize is that we will have moments in our lives when we want to back away from friendships and for certain friendships, yes those seasons will end; however, that is not to say that we will never enjoy the intimacy of friendship again.
With a friendship should come an understanding that you we are still dealing with man. All of mankind is subject to fail. Each of us is subject to error; therefore, even in our friendships, the wholeness of our trust and confidence should be in the Lord, not in our friend. Could it be also that we place too much of a demand on a friend whereas that demand should be placed upon the Lord? Whenever you expect too much from a person, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Strong friendships thrive when there is an understanding of accepting the person for who they are. You must accept their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Some of us can’t handle another person’s weaknesses yet we celebrate their strengths.  When we expect a person to show strength all the time, we are placing too high of an expectation of them for even Jesus had moments of weakness.
Jesus demonstrated three levels of intimacy in relationship. He had the three (His inner circle), the twelve (those He mentored), and the multitudes (those who came to listen but were distant in relationship with Him). We can infer from His example that even in our friendships that there three levels of intimacy; those whom we refer to as our best friends, those whom we refer to as close friends, and others who are associates, distant friends. Once we categorize our friendships, it gives each group a distinction that helps us to identify how we proceed. There are things you can share with one group that you may not be able to share with another. There are things you can expect from one group that you may cannot from another because the levels of intimacy are different.
Here is what I hear the Lord to us as it pertains to our friendships.

We all need friends but friendship requires sacrifice as in any relationship. We should not expect from a friend what we are unwilling to give in exchange for friendships are mutual and not one sided. He that desires friends must show himself friendly. Open your heart to friendship but remember to give your whole heart to the Lord. Friendship, as in any relationship, bears certain risks, but know that you were created for companionship. God will empower you for friendship and deliver you when it comes time for separation. Don’t shy away from making friends for each person God brings in your life serves a purpose. When you withdraw yourself from making friends based on past hurts, you rob yourself of a fulfillment that your new friend can offer you. The Lord will show you who to accept as friend and in which category they will fit. Listen to Him and follow His directives. Give your friends permission to be human and forgive them when they sin against you whether the sin was intentional or not. The same mercy you show them will be returned to you in your time of despair. Enjoy the beauty this life has to offer and enjoy it with friends who will come to you from all walks of life.

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The Season of the Strong Finish

The Season of the Strong Finish by Prophetess Delisa Lindsey
Matt.. 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
Ecc. 9:11 – I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
2013 has been a year and a half. We have battled, praised, been beaten, worshipped, and have battled even more. It seems as if the enemy crouched beside us and waited for the golden opportunity to attack everything that he thought was not nailed to the coffin of our lives. He looked out for areas of our lives that should have been dead, areas that we thought we had overcome and he pounced on it like the dreaded crafty cat that he is.
We were picked at, picked on, laughed at, talked about, ridiculed, and tormented but somehow through the grace of our God and the power in the name of Jesus, we stand. We are not just standing but we are standing strong. Yes, we have bruises, lost some hair, gained some weight and lost some, but we are still clothed in our right minds. We have lived to tell the story.
To be a finisher means to complete every task assigned to the point that it never has to be repeated again. When you have finished, you have overcome. You have won. And you have persevered.
My message to you is one of empowerment. Take the lessons and hard knocks of 2013 and let them build you into an invincible creature for the Lord. Let it mold you, shape you, and conform you into the image of Almighty God. Let what the enemy used for your harm, be converted into your favor.
Many of you lost friends but what you failed to realize is that they were never your friends to begin with. You started out this year with fake folk. People who used you and mistreated you. People who needed what you have but did not necessarily care for who you are. They needed your money, your material stuff, and your name but they didn’t want you. God used a variety of circumstances to expose them and He allowed your heart to be bruised in the process so that you learn to discern better next time.
Some of you thought you had family members who for sure had your backs. You thought they would rejoice with you, stand with you, and support your visions, your books, your ministries, your stores, and your hopes, but what you found out was that within they were teeming with jealousy because they found out that you were the Joseph in the family. You were the priest of the family and the deliverer for your generation and like Miriam and Aaron, they conspired against you. But you survived because God fought for you.
Some of you had traps set up on your job to overthrow you. People wanted your positions. People wanted your favor and they despised how well you performed so they started rumors. God put a stop to it though because he allowed their dark deeds to be manifested so that even when they tried to tell a lie about you, no one would believe it.
If you had your fill of nonsense in your personal life then you had to come to church and deal with devils. You struggled all week to make it to a Sunday morning and then when you get through the front doors, you have devils waiting for you in the parking lot and on the pew seated beside you. You were confronted with gossip, backbiting, jealousy and accusations that if you weren’t as rooted in Christ as you are, when God gave the word for the House to be cleaned, you would have been taken out with the trash too. Your head was spinning. You started questioning whether you really heard God, are you in the right place, and are your leaders who you thought you were and it took the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver your mind to show you how the enemy was playing peek a boo, I got you with your own mind. Jezebel came in and washed your mind in so much confusion and turmoil that you became depressed, loss the zeal to pray, teach, preach, or even show up. The devourers came in once you let your guard down and started beating against your finances so hard that you even struggled with returning the tithe to the Lord. You were a mess but somehow, someway, God delivered. You stand here today as a testament that the power of God is real. The power to restore your mind is real and you have finished that season of testing so strong that you won’t ever have to face it again.
“The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1
In this season, we found out who the righteous were. God made it plain as the nose of your face. You can’t miss it because all you have to do is look around. Who is still standing? Who resisted the enemy and made him flee? Who still has a praise? Who still has their flag of un-defeat? Who still has the dance in their feet? The righteous are as bold as a lion.
Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28
What the Lord required of us in this season past is un-moveablity. You may not have control over others or the circumstances that are presented to you but when you are in control of your life and your spirit man is guarded, you are not easily moved. Anything not planted or rooted is moveable. This desk is moveable, this table is moveable. It can be handled by anybody at anytime. But when someone a devil or a human devil whispers in your ear and you have no walls to hold you still, you are a person who is controlled by others. You are not like the tree in Psalm 1. Your leaf will wither, you will not bring forth fruit in your due season because you are easily moved. Anybody has access to you and can control your movements.
Some of are you in season of athletics. You have been in a losing season for awhile but you failed to realize that the times of loss were in actuality preparing you for your winning season. Case in point, Panthers – 2012 season 6-9 this season 11-4. They were losing so miserably in their last season that people picked on them. Even life time fans refused to go the games. People were ridiculed for wearing the jerseys after their loss but the Panthers kept practicing and changed their game plan. In this current season, because the pains of last season were so evident and still fresh, when they lost their first three games, they were ready to send Coach Rivera packing. They were not about to start a brand new season with losses. After losing their first three games of this season, Coach Ron Rivera’s head was on the hot seat. And people will treat you like that too. When the church is filled and service is anointed which takes us all collectively, the people are in love with their leaders and their church but the moment things take a downward turn, they abandon ship and seek replacements. Abandonment in time of peril is not unusual. The same thing occurred to Jesus, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and the cowards get gone.
But just like you, with a seasoned and well trained quarterback, you can make it. You can pull yourself out of the slump and make it to the playoffs. You can even go all the way if you are willing to push yourself. Now, Coach Rivera is hailed as a winning coach because he has a team who believes that they can win. They are not placing the blame on one person, they are all working collectively together for a win-win. It is the team approach that God the Father believes in when He formed the world with the Three Persons of the God-head. Jesus started His public ministry with a team of twelve. And you and I need much more than that. Team players have endured in this season and it is they who will succeed in the next. We cannot live our lives as if we don’t need anyone. Only satan likes for you to be solitarily confined so that he can divide and conquer. But if you plan on being on successful in God in this next season to come, you must learn to participate, cooperate, and celebrate. 2014 is not for the one man bands, 2014 is for team players with Heavenly Kingdom mentalities and mandates.
As I close, in the words of our dear elder and brother, Apostle Paul, I encourage you. In 2013, you have been poured out as a drink offering. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race of 2013, and you have kept the faith. May you receive the crown of finishing well and may it manifest in your relationships and circumstances in Jesus name. Onward.

The Season of the Strong Finish, © 2013. Delisa Lindsey, PDL Ministries


The Art of Forgiving

Reading “The Art of Forgiving” by Lewis B. Smedes. Here are a few things I’d like to share from what I’ve read.

“It takes one person to forgive.
It takes two to be reunited.

Forgiving happens inside the wounded person.
Reunion happens in a relationship between two people.

We can forgive a person who never says he is sorry.
We cannot be truly reconciled unless he is honestly sorry.

We can forgive even if we do not trust the person who wronged us once to not wrong us again.
Reunion can happen only if we can trust the person who wronged us once not to wrong us again.

Forgiving has no strings attached.
Reunion has several strings attached.

If my life as well as yours we have wronged and have been wronged. We have offended and we have been offended but pity the person who cannot forgive. When you don’t forgive, you injure yourself because within, you are re-living and re-experiencing that pain over and over again. When you see them or hear about them, something within you churns. Something stirs within you and disrupts your peace. You don’t want to talk about them, you don’t want to acknowledge them, and you don’t want a thing to do with them. The pain is real, no one is denying that, but when will you release yourself from the pain of what happened? When will you enjoy your life or will you lead a bitter one? You can’t change what happened but you can change you.

Some very devastating things have happened in my life from childhood until a decade ago when I decided to put a stop to it. From molestation, rape, verbal and physical abuse, abandonment, rejection, and much more, I made a conscious decision to LET IT GO!!! The life I live now in Christ far outweighs the things the enemy has used people to do to me. I laugh, love, and live abundantly because I found a place in God called REST!! I have released my past and the nightmares of it and have moved on. I can pray for those who wounded me and MEAN IT. I can smile and embrace them when I see them and MEAN IT because God delivered me from BITTERNESS.

People often comment on how inspirational and encouraging I am and I have to credit my God. He removed the pain, the guilt, and the stain of yesterday and He has allowed me to enjoy my life to the fullest. I can encourage you because I am encouraged. I can make you laugh because I laugh. I can inspire you because I am inspired. What you see in my character is the fruit of who I am and I think we all need to do ourselves a favor and learn to forgive those who have trespassed against us as we expect God to forgive us for trespassing against Him.

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Prophecy for the Angry Man

It doesn’t take much to be angry. In fact, if you will sit quiet for only 10 minutes and reflect on what has happened to you and what others have done to you, anger can be stirred and arise from hidden places. Anger manifests in one of two ways, outwardly or inwardly. An outwardly angry person is explosive. Every one in close proximity to this type of angry person feels the blow. Those around them will feel threatened, offended, insulted, and even intimidated. This is the angry person with an explosive nature.

The other type of angry person is inwardly angry. This type of person is more dangerous than the former because their anger is insulated. They have veiled their anger behind forced smiles and artificial relations with others. What makes this person so dangerous is that they are trying to mask an emotion that will not be silenced. Anger cannot be closeted, it must be revealed and resolved. The inwardly angry person is implosive. This means they have a dangerous emotion trapped inside of their soul which, unbeknownst to them, constantly gnaws away at the fruit of their character. These types of angry people are a serious harm to themselves. They are subject to addictions to pacify and keep anger at bay. They are self-destructive, many times walking away from good, God graced opportunities such as jobs, careers, ministry, family, and relationships because when they sense an impending implosion, a release of anger they don’t want anyone to see, to save themselves, they abandon ship. The Lord is saying that today is the day He wants you, the angry person, to release this pent up emotion that is consuming the person He created you to be. He wants to replace your anger with joy. He wants to help you avoid the disasters of life that accompany angry men. Don’t be ashamed of the hurt, the pain, and the disappointment because there were very real disturbing events which led to those feelings, but it is not His will for you to live in a place called anger. The Lord desires for you to enjoy life beyond the failures and mishaps and has summoned you today to take His hand and let Him lead you there. This is the Lord’s mind and heart today toward the angry man. The time of your redemption is at hand; deliverance has come. Proverbs 29:22 An angry man stirs up dissension, and a hot-tempered one commits many sins. NIV


Leave it Alone

You’ve been asking the Lord to do a certain thing for you but whenever He starts to move, you get in the way. Yet you wonder why it is taking so long for the matter to be resolved. If you are going to release a matter unto the Lord for Him to resolve, then do just that, RELEASE IT. That means to stop worrying about, stop figuring about it, and stop talking about it. Leave IT ALONE!

When the thought comes to mind, occupy that mental space with something else because God is not going to compete with you to work out something for you. Either He has full access or not. When you learn to remove your little, sticky fingers from the equation and allow God’s well capable Hands to take its place, then you will see the issue resolved.


Let it Go

Everyone has been hurt. Whether we have suffered injury from an intimate relationship, family, work, church or community, we all have been emotionally scarred at some point in our lives. Some of us are able to process the pain and move forward while others carry it around like a duffel bag tied to their hip. You were not designed to carry heavy emotions over an extended period of time. God gives us a grace and a space to deal with our problems before they take root and become a formative part of our character. You cannot dress up a hurt. It is what it is and it will ultimately reveal itself whether you care for it to or not.

Damaged emotions are leaky and they spill. They need to be cleaned up in the presence of God in private prayer, not at the altar on Sunday. This is going to take some time and it’s going to get real ugly when all the intricate details come to surface. It is high time to stop walking around like a normal somebody while trying to hide what is really lurking behind the smile. Get to God, get in prayer, and get delivered. Your life is too precious to waste it being bitter against someone who isn’t even thinking about you. Let it go.