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Insight to Leadership

Hadn’t been feeling 100% today so while binge-watching Blue Bloods, I caught something. The commissioner conducted an inspection of a precinct because there was a cop killer on the loose. He wanted to make sure his officers were sharp, alert, and well equipped. The officers stood in formation and one by one, the commissioner inspected their uniform. One was missing his flashlight, another had his cell phone on display, and another was missing their nightstick. They were distracted and careless; a set up for destruction. Not one of them copped an attitude when he called them on their folly. They responded, “Yes, sir”, owned their shortcoming, and accepted the correction. Now, how many people do you know would have sulked, withdrawn to their pity corner, and feel offended? Or who would have been thankful that someone with greater insight called them on a hidden danger? Protection looks like punishment. When someone is telling you something for your own good, why not swallow the attitude, listen, and live? The commissioner didn’t have to call out their flaws. He could have overlooked it to keep everyone happy. He could have remained in his posh upstairs office and let the officers fall on their own swords but when you care about your command, you will come out of your comfort zone to see about those in your influence. When you understand authority, another man’s comfort – not even your own is a priority. Seeing to the well being of those in your command becomes your priority. It is instinctive for you to watch them and call out what you see and whether they like what you say is not even up for discussion. We all have a job to do; lead or follow someone who will.

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Gehazi’s Downfall

Gehazi served Elisha; he was his ‘adjutant’ of sorts but something triggered in Gehazi’s heart that would change his life forever. Gehazi entertained a spirit of greed, covetousness, and dishonor which took root in his heart and harvested a great deal of trouble in his life. He betrayed his man of God, he worked behind his back, took what didn’t belong to him, and wiped his mouth clean as if he had done nothing wrong. Elisha knew full well what Gehazi had done and of the spirits Gehazi had been operating in but like Jesus, he held his peace. He allowed Gehazi to fully manifest and then came the judgment.I studied the 20th chapters and 17th verses(2017) in the Bible and Exodus 20:17 clearly warns against covetousness. It is a grave sin which opens the doors to many spirits of torment to attack a person’s life. Elisha was the set man, it was his right to receive gifts from Naaman whether he choose to or not but Gehazi clearly had neither lot or say in the matter. It was not his place to take anything from Naaman. He should have articulated his desires to Elisha and let Elisha decide from there but covetousness of the heart will impair judgment. It will cause one to think they are owed something, as if they are being ‘left out’ but this is a lie from the enemy. If you have to lie and deceive to meet a need, God is not the source of that need. Subsequently, Gehazi was afflicted with leprosy, a life time health condition and simultaneously lost his place in Elisha’s life. This was a high price to pay but God sent a message behind the judgement. Thou shalt not covet. Stay in your place of grace. Don’t graze in another man’s pasture unless invited to do so and above all, walk in honesty. Elisha sees you and so does the God of Elisha.

Source: (5) Delisa Lindsey

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Govern Your Responses

When we hear disheartening news of our neighbor, do we respond with love or with judgment? Many times it is hard for even the unsaved to approach the saved because they fear being judged. Yes, he that is spiritual judges all things but that word judge means to examine, discern, and comprehend through the eyes of God. If people are afraid to come to you for counsel, advice, or wisdom in an area of their life, it may be because they need someone to listen to their soul cry and offer them counsel that is Godly, loving, wholesome, and life giving without shredding them to pieces in the process. They are not looking to be slaughtered. Show others the same mercy you would want someone to show to you. Being strong in the Word does not mean you have to become a drill sergeant. Remember this, with lovingkindness has He drawn us. May we learn to reciprocate the same.

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Know When Silence is the Order of the Day

You don’t always have to respond. Okay!!! Sometimes it pays you best to just sit quietly. I read a quote that says, Keep your mouth shut and people think you wise, open your mouth and people think you a fool. Some people talk just to hear themselves talk. Don’t you know that no one knows what’s really on your heart until you start speaking?

I was sharing with one of my spiritual daughters that one wrong word can kill someone’s vision. One wrong word can cause hatred and strife. One wrong word can destroy a family. One wrong word can kill a marriage or ministry. Just one wrong word can set a world on fire. Isn’t that what the Bible says?

James 3:6, “And the tongue is a fire and a world of sin; it is like a jungle. And that tongue by itself, while it is among our members, defiles our whole body and sets on fire the successions of generations, which roll on like wheels; it also burns with fire.”

There was a rap song back in the day with lyrics that said, “You talk too much. You never shut up. You talk too much. Home boy, you never shut up!” That was humorous but you know it’s the truth. Somebody is always running that tongue motor and most times it’s something that should have been left alone.

I could go on with this because writing is my craft, but learn when you need to speak and when silence is the order of the day. You don’t always have to say something. Wise people are often quiet because they are always learning. A fool runs off and talks about everything and nothing at the same time. Study to be wise and tame the fire between our teeth.

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Prophetic Prayer Against Fiscal Cliff

Amos 3:8, “The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?”

The world may repossess your car, foreclose your home, fire you off of your job, or even take your freedom but one thing the world cannot have is the ability God gave you to prophesy. They cannot take your faith. They cannot take your joy. And they cannot take your promises of God in Christ which are YES and AMEN.

I don’t care who you are, when you hear a lion roar, something inside of you responds in fear. Likewise, when you lift your voice as God’s prophet or as a prophetic people, the world and its Babylonian systems must back back because the PROPHET IS SPEAKING.
I speak to the Government of these United States of America and I seal their decision about the Fiscal Cliff with a HOLY GHOST CLIFF! Let the Spirit of God breathe afresh on every House of Representative, Senator, and member of White House Staff.

I will not wait for CNN to report the Government’s decisions but I shall speak forth the decision as a King of another greater and higher dimension. I speak as one having authority and I speak as one SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES. I shall legislate the will of God from Heaven downward to the lower realms of the earth. And let the Word of God lick the ear of every wayward minded governmental employee in Jesus mighty name.

I need somebody who understands the power of agreement to partner with me and say, IT IS SO.
.. now back to my cave…..

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Frustrated? Ask God for Strategy.

There are certain areas where you have been struggling in and it seems as if no matter how hard your press, it’s taking too long for a release in that particular area. I experienced this firsthand and thought to share what I have learned just a few short hours ago. Even as the children of Israel pressed through the wilderness to their Promise, there were assassins strategically placed to snuff them out. When they were least expecting, war came knocking at their gates. We must vigilant, especially those living in spiritual houses of industry, because evil observers are spying on you waiting for you to ease up off of your game just a little, to draw near for the kill. We must become like Nehemiah and work AND be prepared for war simultaneously.

Case in point. I had been making strong advances in a certain area when all of a sudden I felt a freeze. Not only did I sense a freeze in the spirit but there was a quietness that accommodated the chill in the air. I became very quiet as a animal in the forest when he knows he is being watched. Literally, I stood in this particular place of business and quieted my spirit so I could hear from my Father. I know tactical warfare and the ammo the enemy was using had a peculiar scent that I had not yet been trained by Holy Spirit to recognize so I petitioned my God.

I began to commune in my spirit with my Father and I said, “Father, release the strategy right now. Let me know where the enemy’s seat is because I sense him too close to me.” Not even five minutes later, an older woman who worked in this particular establishment approached me and struck a conversation. I knew this was no ordinary conversation because she and I had locked eyes and smiled peacefully between each other before and I didn’t feel anything pressing in her spirit. But after I prayed, Holy Spirit pushed this woman over to me and she literally talked me from that time until it was time for me to go. And guess what, this was no ordinary conversation, this woman was sharing, unbeknownst to her, what the enemy was doing to my assignment!

I stood there and smiled and was very graceful in the conversation knowing full well Father had summoned this woman’s spirit to share these certain things with me. By the time I exited that place of business, Holy Spirit had armed me with every vital piece of information I needed to know to shame my enemy, dethrone and unseat him, and expose him for the liar he always is.

I called my husband right away and as military generals we began to share top secret information that Holy Spirit made me privy to.

Saints, I shared this to let you know that the enemy desires to SIT right in the middle of your progress. Not only that, he desires to send demonic agents to harass you, frustrate you, and depress you but you CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES bow to his wicked and devilish scheme. Your Father has all the tactics and strategies you need to whip your enemy and it is there for the asking. If you want to know where the enemy’s seat is concerning your stuff, I strongly advise you to get into a place where you can HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS SAYING, otherwise you will cry many days and have many sleepless nights trying to figure out the Why. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the enemy’s seat and politely, or not, dethrone him and place him back under your feet where he belongs.

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