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Insight to Leadership

Hadn’t been feeling 100% today so while binge-watching Blue Bloods, I caught something. The commissioner conducted an inspection of a precinct because there was a cop killer on the loose. He wanted to make sure his officers were sharp, alert, and well equipped. The officers stood in formation and one by one, the commissioner inspected their uniform. One was missing his flashlight, another had his cell phone on display, and another was missing their nightstick. They were distracted and careless; a set up for destruction. Not one of them copped an attitude when he called them on their folly. They responded, “Yes, sir”, owned their shortcoming, and accepted the correction. Now, how many people do you know would have sulked, withdrawn to their pity corner, and feel offended? Or who would have been thankful that someone with greater insight called them on a hidden danger? Protection looks like punishment. When someone is telling you something for your own good, why not swallow the attitude, listen, and live? The commissioner didn’t have to call out their flaws. He could have overlooked it to keep everyone happy. He could have remained in his posh upstairs office and let the officers fall on their own swords but when you care about your command, you will come out of your comfort zone to see about those in your influence. When you understand authority, another man’s comfort – not even your own is a priority. Seeing to the well being of those in your command becomes your priority. It is instinctive for you to watch them and call out what you see and whether they like what you say is not even up for discussion. We all have a job to do; lead or follow someone who will.

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When Service Is No Longer Pleasurable

Serving (in anything) should be a pleasure. When serving becomes a chore, you have lost your passion which opens the doors for spirits of passivity, complacency, complaining, long-eyeing folks, and other works of the flesh to manifest. Do what you do wholeheartedly or don’t. A half- hearted work is worse than the thing never being touched in the first place for as in the case of Samuel and Saul, someone has to now perform clean up duty of your thing in addition to their own service.

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Use Your Talents

The Lord says, there are many of you that have made divine deposits throughout the years by continually standing on My word and praying even when you didn’t see results. You were faithful in adversity and steadfast even when the storms raged around you. I am a God of justice and I am going to honor My word. It is time to use those gifts and talents that I have deposited in you. I have deposited many gifts in you that you have not yet seen come into fruition. Many of you are ready to walk in the ministries and callings that I have for you. Don’t be afraid to step out because I am with you and I will position you as well as escort you. Do not hide your talents but be prepared to move into the plan that I have for you says the Lord. – Elaine Tavolacci
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When Kings Nap

Why did King David’s newborn son meet his untimely demise? It could be because he was the son of an adulterous relationship. It could be because David had his lover’s husband killed. It could be because David stepped on the roof and lusted after a married woman. Or the ROOT cause could be that David was out of place. The King should have been out to battle but instead he was home taking a nap. He abandoned his place as a warrior and defender. He became at ease. He was in the flesh, his mind was carnal, his nature was calling, and the devil catered to his urges.

God forbid that a child has to suffer for the parent’s sin but this is what happened. Anytime we move out of place in the Lord, we put our home in danger. Our marriages sometimes are suffering because one or both spouses are in rebellion. Family relationships suffer and finances suffer many times when we move out of that set place. David was king. He had a seat to occupy. He had a work to do. He had a great assignment on his life yet when the Lord required him to stand in the day of battle, he pulled back and rested. He napped. He enjoyed the luxuries his wealth and prosperity offered and he slipped into a spiritual coma. By the time the enemy was through with him and when he came to his senses, he was found to be a murderer, conspirator, and adulterer. The one who was a worshiper was now a murderer. Why? Because he was out of place when God needed him and the enemy had legal right to touch his life.
Saints, God hates a lukewarm man. Either you are in or you are out. There is no shaded gray place where you can straddle safely. David became lukewarm and people lost their lives in the process. How many souls are perishing because of your lukewarmness?
If David reported to battle like he was supposed to, there would not be a dead son. There would not be a dead husband. There would not be an adulterous woman and God would have never sent Nathan to deal with David’s sin. Being in the right place at the right time is safe. Being outside of God’s will is always dangerous ground and if the person does not return to the Lord before the enemy catches wind of the breach, there is bound to be a casualty of some sort. Just as flies love to feed on flesh, when we walk after the flesh, demons are attracted to our lives.
Thank God David repented and returned to the Lord. God forgave Bathsheba too and gave them ‘peace’, namely Solomon but look at what it cost them. You don’t want to pay that price nor do you want anyone you love to suffer because of you. Get your life right with the Lord. Return while He is drawing you and let Him wash the guilty stain of sin away in the blood of Jesus.

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The Importance of Spiritual Maturity

Our current church generation is saturated with many who claim a call to ministry. While many whose claim to the call is genuinely authentic, there are a great many more whose claims are invalid. Today’s minister face more in the line of temptations than any other preacher generation before us. Many are in competition with one another, spying on other ministries’ social media sites, and even attend conferences as peeping toms just to duplicate what they deem ‘successful’ ministry. With the ever increasing number of ministers with a claim to the call, there is hardly sufficient evidence of proof. Is there is an ever increasing number of souls translated into the Kingdom of God or turned to hell? Answer honestly. Churches are emptier than ever before.  Churches are under attack of gun violence like never before. Sin is prevalent in our churches like never before and compromise has not only raped our pulpits, it has swept across the entire congregation. If as many ministers are truly called as they have claimed, why aren’t our nation’s laws affected by Godly influence? Where is the thermostat of our ministers’ prayers for this nation set? We are cold.
We have more prophets than any other time on the face of the earth but we don’t see the Malachis turning the people back to the Father like we should. We don’t see the Elijahs tearing down pagan altars like they should. We don’t see the John the Baptists calling the people to repentance. We don’t see the Daniels ministering to kings and national leaders. We don’t see the Jeremiahs weeping and travailing for the sin-sick condition of our land. Something is off.
We have more apostles than any other time on the face of the earth but our churches are more out of order than ever. Doctrine has been replaced with sugar and we are spiraling out of control. We are not seeing healings, deliverance, salvation, and signs and wonders that are supposed to follow the apostles. When was the last time you have seen anyone in your church baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost? Demons cast out? Restoration of family, community, nation?
Many of today’s ministers lack spiritual maturity. They are newborn babies who caught a whiff of the glamor? of a title and ran with it. Many of them have never been personally mentored. They may have internet connections but there is no one standing with them who knows them personally. Jesus personally mentored His apostles. They were not internet sons and daughters, they were personal and up close with Him. He needed to see them on their good days in ministry and their not so good days in ministry. He needed to see their reactions to situations that occurred in their lives. He needed to see them lose their temper, make mistakes, fight and argue with one another, and witness their family relationships so He could better show them what it takes to be a true apostle of the Lord Jesus. Where has that gone? Who can take the rebuke that Peter took from Jesus and remain a son? Who can take being called a faithless and perverse generation and still follow Jesus? Where are ‘those’ people who can take a lick and keep on ticking? Instead, we have a generation of hypersensitive, overgrown babies wearing collars (or not) standing on a platform instructing someone how to live a life of faith that they, themselves, have not tested and tasted firsthand.
Saul/Paul was taken down his high place because he was in error. He was zealous for the work of God but didn’t fully and personally know God. He was humbled and blinded until further notice. He was not allowed to return to life as he knew it. God got a hold of him AND made him suffer for the Lord since he was such a nuisance to the Church. God forgave him but he still had a price to pay. Even after being called, and as knowledgeable as Paul was in the Holy Scriptures, he still had to wait fourteen years until he was released into public ministry. Jesus waited thirty years. David waited fifteen years. The apostles waited three and half years (they tutored under Jesus – go figure) but many of today’s preachers won’t wait six months. Do you see why there are so many problems among the people of faith today?

Paul wrote to Timothy, his spiritual son, and gave him instructions on setting leadership in place. 1 Timothy 3:6, “Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.” Paul made it emphatically clear that a leader must be a person of experience or else he will fall into the trap of the devil. A novice is a new convert, a newly saved person, or someone inexperienced in a thing. I can’t tell you how many times I have personally seen a person claim a call or receive a ‘word’ from some great one telling them they are called, and instead of them submitting to discipleship, they print business cards and run for the hills. Saints, that is not the God-prescribed formula for leading ministry and this type of hastiness in ministry will not only leave that person vulnerable to satanic attack, but the people to whom they are ‘called’ to serve are just as vulnerable. The Lord is not returning for a ‘bastard’ house – a house without the Father. He is returning for a Bride – a woman (church) of submission. We have to set our ego and pride aside, rend our heart before the Lord, and get back in order. It is better to repent now and do your first works over than to continue in sin and face serious consequences later.

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The High Horse in Damascus

Sometimes being knocked down off of your high horse can be the beginning of a beautiful thing. Paul knew the law, he knew the ordinances, he knew the feasts but he didn’t know the Lord. For many of us, myself doubly included, it will take a very humbling experience to draw us into that place in the Lord where we are called. It will take a shift; a paradigm shift in ours lives that ensures and makes certain that we will NEVER be that same person again. Before Christ, I was a selfish person, would curse you out a the drop of a dime, had a violent, fighting spirit, and was very loose in my conduct. After my Damascus experience, though, I became a changed woman. God knocked me down, blinded me in many areas, and would not relent until I gave Him a yes. And even then, my yes only came after two months of hospitalization, a broken home, a death threat against my daughter and me, and extreme poverty.

To the one who thinks they are running from the Lord, you are only asking for a Damascus experience. To the one who thinks they know more than God, you are asking for a Damascus experience. To the one who thinks they can hide and get away from what you KNOW you were born to do, you are setting your own-self up. To the haughty one, like I was, where no one can tell you anything,…….honey, let me tell you, it is coming. When the Lord wants a yes, He is unrelenting. When He has predestined a thing for you, good luck trying to get away with it. And here is something else for you to ponder, even when Paul surrendered, one of the first things the Lord told him was that ‘you are going to suffer for me’!! In other words, if God has to wait for you, you are going to pay for it. Samson can testify of that too. Here is a hint for you if this your message, the day you hear His voice, harden not your heart. Rend your heart unto the Lord, repent of your ways, and give God a yes. Your yes will not make you perfect, God knows I am far from it, but your yes will qualify you to get picked up off the ground and turned in the right direction.

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Fellowship on the Holy Hill of God

Before the break of day, I was in the throne room of God seeking Him about many things pressed upon my heart. As I lay still with my eyes shut simply mumbling my prayers to the Lord (not wanting to wake my husband), I saw a vision of the sky appear before me. This was about 4am and it was quite naturally dark but within the confines of this vision, the sky appeared as bright as the noon day. As I glared into its brightness, a door appeared. It seemed to be an old wooden door and as I watched, the door opened revealing a brightness behind it. I emerged from the vision and resumed my prayers.

About three hours later as I started work for the day, I felt an unusual hunger in my spirit. It literally felt like a gnawing hunger. I brewed a cup of coffee to alleviate the hunger because I am not normally an early eater but I noticed that the hunger would not dissipate. I perceived that this was not a physical hunger but a spiritual one. I prayed, “Lord, I sense You want to teach me something. Lead me to the source of my lesson for today.” Moments later, Holy Spirit led me to a discovery of the source and I immediately postured my spirit to listen intently.

When we are petitioning the Lord for a thing, it is human for us to draw up some sort of conclusion of how we imagine the Lord will respond. We envision a person or a situation that will bring us the answer but I learned this morning in a renewed manner that God’s ways are unlike ours. Not only did I receive the answer for the matters I presented unto the Lord but I walked away with profound understanding and insight. I also walked away with renewed vision for the purpose wherewith I am called.

The Lord completely frustrated and dismantled my train of thinking and transported me to a place of comprehension. It was a moment of enlightenment and illumination that can only comes from spending time in His presence. There is a confidence He gave that I needed in a certain area along with the reassurance that the portals of Heaven are indeed open to the cries of the righteous. He answered questions I had been pondering over for weeks and He taught me plainly as a child what to do and how to get it done. No man’s advice or counsel could come close to what I received in the Presence and the peace of mind it brings is refreshing.

I feel as if the Lord wants to invite you also to an intimate fellowship with Him. You have been mentally embattled over some things that the Lord wants to clarify for you. He has the answers and if you would take the time to pull away from the cares of this life and press into His holy quietness, He will comfort you. He will teach you how to navigate through this season of your life and He will confirm His promises to you despite what you are currently facing. If you would do this and continue to do this, you are going to find a confidence in who you are that you have never known to exist before. The Lord says, “Call to Me and I will answer. I will answer out of My holy hill. I will sup with you and make My abode with you. I will show you things to come and give you understanding of things present. Walk me as a child with his Parent and I will lead you into ways everlasting.”

Won’t you accept that invite today? I did.

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Three Levels of Intimacy in Friendship

It is essential to have friends. In Christianity, we mostly view one another as sister or brother and though those handles are fine, there is still the need for friendship. One can be a sister and not be a friend; likewise, one can be a brother and not a friend. How many natural siblings do you have whom you don’t communicate with on a regular basis yet you are still related? The same applies in the Body of Christ; there are siblings and there are siblings and friends. Why is it important to foster friendship? God answers that question by stating that is not good for man to be alone. In other words, the Lord created us with a need for companionship.
You are not alone bearing a testimony of being hurt by a friend. We all have experienced it and some of are walking in that corridor of pain right now.  The enemy of our destiny will use the hurt and betrayal of friendship to his advantage. He will amplify those negative feelings and lure us away into seclusion that we shy away from trusting a friend ever again. What we must realize is that we will have moments in our lives when we want to back away from friendships and for certain friendships, yes those seasons will end; however, that is not to say that we will never enjoy the intimacy of friendship again.
With a friendship should come an understanding that you we are still dealing with man. All of mankind is subject to fail. Each of us is subject to error; therefore, even in our friendships, the wholeness of our trust and confidence should be in the Lord, not in our friend. Could it be also that we place too much of a demand on a friend whereas that demand should be placed upon the Lord? Whenever you expect too much from a person, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Strong friendships thrive when there is an understanding of accepting the person for who they are. You must accept their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Some of us can’t handle another person’s weaknesses yet we celebrate their strengths.  When we expect a person to show strength all the time, we are placing too high of an expectation of them for even Jesus had moments of weakness.
Jesus demonstrated three levels of intimacy in relationship. He had the three (His inner circle), the twelve (those He mentored), and the multitudes (those who came to listen but were distant in relationship with Him). We can infer from His example that even in our friendships that there three levels of intimacy; those whom we refer to as our best friends, those whom we refer to as close friends, and others who are associates, distant friends. Once we categorize our friendships, it gives each group a distinction that helps us to identify how we proceed. There are things you can share with one group that you may not be able to share with another. There are things you can expect from one group that you may cannot from another because the levels of intimacy are different.
Here is what I hear the Lord to us as it pertains to our friendships.

We all need friends but friendship requires sacrifice as in any relationship. We should not expect from a friend what we are unwilling to give in exchange for friendships are mutual and not one sided. He that desires friends must show himself friendly. Open your heart to friendship but remember to give your whole heart to the Lord. Friendship, as in any relationship, bears certain risks, but know that you were created for companionship. God will empower you for friendship and deliver you when it comes time for separation. Don’t shy away from making friends for each person God brings in your life serves a purpose. When you withdraw yourself from making friends based on past hurts, you rob yourself of a fulfillment that your new friend can offer you. The Lord will show you who to accept as friend and in which category they will fit. Listen to Him and follow His directives. Give your friends permission to be human and forgive them when they sin against you whether the sin was intentional or not. The same mercy you show them will be returned to you in your time of despair. Enjoy the beauty this life has to offer and enjoy it with friends who will come to you from all walks of life.

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Loose the Donkey and Her Colt

So many times in life we struggle to reach that place of effectiveness, the place where our destiny and purpose intersects, because of the unseen strings binding us. There is nothing much more uncomfortable than knowing what you are supposed to be doing and being unable to perform it. I have felt that way on too many occasions and it took deliverance in my mind, soul, and spirit for me to understand that who I am, what God expects of me, and why I feel led to do certain things to advance God’s Kingdom could not be realized until those unseen bands restricting my movements were loosened, untied, and ultimately destroyed.
What might those bands be, you may ask. The bands and bindings which serve to immobilize us are too many to recall but just to name a few they are; low self esteem, famine in finances, unhealthy relationships, stunted spiritual growth, declining health, and a weary and worn out mind. These things and so much more are the bands that bind us. They serve to hold us hostage to the place of yesterday and prevent us from moving forward. These unseen bindings speak to us out of a cruel tongue. They arrest us and hold us hostage. They put stumbling blocks in our paths and they resist us on every hand but thank God for Jesus. He has come to loose the bands that hold us. He has untied them and destroyed them through His love for us and the power in His name.
Over two thousand years ago, as Jesus made His triumphal entry to Jerusalem, He noticed a donkey and a colt which were bound. Jesus had a redemption plan for that donkey and her colt. He wanted to demonstrate to the entire region that He not only has the power to loose and set free but He also has the power to redeem. Jesus sent a word to the donkey and her colt and commanded them to be loosed. Once they were loosed, He commanded them to serve Him as vehicles of which He would use to announce His coming. I am certain that from that point forward, that donkey and her colt never returned to that place of bondage for whom the Son of Man sets free is free indeed. The season of their bindings had come to an immediate end and they, which were bound, were now being paraded with Jesus for all to see.

My friend, as you read this, I speak to your bindings that they be loosed, untied from around your neck, and destroyed in the name of Jesus. That unseen band which has restricted you and held you against your will is being removed. The circumstances that spoke such cruel and mocking language to you will receive the report of the Lord. That report is that you have been loosed. You have been set free by the Redeemer of your soul and no longer will you allow your unseen bands to hinder you from accomplishing all the Father has placed in your hands to do. You are loosed in Jesus name. Amen.

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How Fitted Are You For the Work of the Ministry

For those of you who are newly ordained into ministry or are about to be ordained, there is something you need to be fully aware of. There is a battle you are going to face which will challenge every vow you make on that day. On the enemy’s behalf, this is a solemn attempt to sabotage your ministry assignment before you even have to chance to walk in it but on God’s behalf it’s to prove who you really are. I have seen this so many times that it is mind boggling and many of the saints are so excited and eager about being ordained that they are not watching for the test that comes with the assignment.
Every vow you make on the day of your ordination will be brought to you for you to prove that what you said came from the heart and not just your lip service. Yes, the enemy will be used but he is not the one in charge of this process, God is.
Jesus, the moment after He was baptized, filled with Holy Spirit, and given identity, was LED by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted. For 40 days, the devil tormented and harassed Him yet Jesus stood on the word of God and defeated him each and every time. You are no different than our Lord. If He encountered warfare after His public ‘ordination’, so will you.
The enemy will be loosed against you to tempt you at every place in your ministry where God has called you to serve. He will be relentless, fierce, accusatory, and will not leave you alone until God tells him to. You will know, by the time your season of wilderness temptation is over, how qualified you are for the work of the ministry. You will know if you really believe the word of the Lord that was spoken over you. You will know if you are as committed and dedicated to the work as you claimed on your ‘day’. You will know if you have what it takes to stand, fight, and endure hardness as a good soldier. You will know your limitations, the devil will know, and God will know as well.

Mark this word and look back over your life once you were ordained. What happened? Who started whispering in your ear? Where did you feel pulled? How much work of the ministry have you been able to do since that day? Have you upheld your vows before the Lord, your leader, and the people or are you still stuck in the wilderness?