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Loose the Donkey and Her Colt

So many times in life we struggle to reach that place of effectiveness, the place where our destiny and purpose intersects, because of the unseen strings binding us. There is nothing much more uncomfortable than knowing what you are supposed to be doing and being unable to perform it. I have felt that way on too many occasions and it took deliverance in my mind, soul, and spirit for me to understand that who I am, what God expects of me, and why I feel led to do certain things to advance God’s Kingdom could not be realized until those unseen bands restricting my movements were loosened, untied, and ultimately destroyed.
What might those bands be, you may ask. The bands and bindings which serve to immobilize us are too many to recall but just to name a few they are; low self esteem, famine in finances, unhealthy relationships, stunted spiritual growth, declining health, and a weary and worn out mind. These things and so much more are the bands that bind us. They serve to hold us hostage to the place of yesterday and prevent us from moving forward. These unseen bindings speak to us out of a cruel tongue. They arrest us and hold us hostage. They put stumbling blocks in our paths and they resist us on every hand but thank God for Jesus. He has come to loose the bands that hold us. He has untied them and destroyed them through His love for us and the power in His name.
Over two thousand years ago, as Jesus made His triumphal entry to Jerusalem, He noticed a donkey and a colt which were bound. Jesus had a redemption plan for that donkey and her colt. He wanted to demonstrate to the entire region that He not only has the power to loose and set free but He also has the power to redeem. Jesus sent a word to the donkey and her colt and commanded them to be loosed. Once they were loosed, He commanded them to serve Him as vehicles of which He would use to announce His coming. I am certain that from that point forward, that donkey and her colt never returned to that place of bondage for whom the Son of Man sets free is free indeed. The season of their bindings had come to an immediate end and they, which were bound, were now being paraded with Jesus for all to see.

My friend, as you read this, I speak to your bindings that they be loosed, untied from around your neck, and destroyed in the name of Jesus. That unseen band which has restricted you and held you against your will is being removed. The circumstances that spoke such cruel and mocking language to you will receive the report of the Lord. That report is that you have been loosed. You have been set free by the Redeemer of your soul and no longer will you allow your unseen bands to hinder you from accomplishing all the Father has placed in your hands to do. You are loosed in Jesus name. Amen.

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Exploring Your Land of Milk and Honey

The Lord has promised many of us lands flowing with milk and honey. Those lands He is referring to may appeal to some naturally, and may even be intended as such however, I maintain that those lands He is referring to are also representative of spiritual places. Jesus said that He went to prepare a place for us. Again, some interpret that to mean a natural place but I have always maintained that those ‘places’ the Father has prepared for us are spiritual places, caves, nestings, refuges, places of healing and rehabilitation, delivery rooms, and etc.  There are places in the realm of the Spirit where the Father meets us and reveals Himself to us.
Allow me to share from a spiritual point of view what the lands flowing with milk and honey entail. These are spiritual places, realms, and dimensions in the unseen where Holy Spirit gravitates us toward during certain phases of our lives. These places have certain substances. In this particular spiritual place called, Canaan, where the milk and honey is located, is a place of spiritual warfare but at the same time, a place of birthing for the new and sustenance for that which has already been.
Honey is nature’s perfect food. Many prophets lived off of honey; in fact it contains all the essentials vital to life. Honey is a sustainer of life. It will keep and preserve you. Manna, which literally means, “what is it?” tasted to the hungry Hebrews like wafers of honey. Honey kept them alive in the wilderness and for you who are prophetic, the mother prophetess and judge named Deborah, name means ‘honey’. Go figure.
The milk is vitally important as the honey because milk makes the body strong (yes, I know) but it also nourishes babies. Milk is the only food that babies can digest. If a place in the spirit has milk that means that birthings will take place. New things, ideas, relationships, and etc. will require this type of spiritual milk. Therefore, let us assume that the land ‘flowing with milk and honey’ has contained within, elements that nourish, sustain, strengthen, and preserve as you endeavor about possessing the thing you are being called to.

You need not ever be leery or reluctant about the spiritual places the Lord is calling us to. Importantly, keep in mind that not every time you receive a word about a ‘new thing’ or ‘new place’ that God is referring to something physical. God is Spirit and more times than not, when the deep calls unto the deep, He is referring to something spiritual. Many have erred trying to apply a natural application to a spiritual thing. I can go on but I must stop here. Prayerfully, I have given you enough to ponder on for yourself. Explore your promised land of milk and honey and allow the Lord to pleasantly surprise you with what He has in store for you. I know I am.

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He Gave Us This Day Our Daily Bread – Are We Thankful?

Many of us have been spoiled with the blessings of the Lord that we’ve become ungrateful. Not only do we not have to ask for bread anymore, but many of us don’t bother to thank Him for the bread that He’s already provided. Saying grace over our meals has become a ‘modern inconvenience’ for some and a shame for others. Pause a moment before you consume your bread and show your appreciation for the Father’s provisions. Thank Him for your daily bread and teach that same heart of thankfulness to your generations.

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Son or Orphan?

I inquired a thing of the Lord a while ago that He recently brought back to my attention just recently. I wanted to know why certain ‘Christians’ were getting away with their questionable behavior while other ‘Christians’ were dealt with swiftly and severely. I certainly wasn’t challenging the Lord’s parenthood but I needed answers. What He told me opened my eyes so wide that they will never close to this revelation again.
He said that those He chastens, He loves. He is a good Father who rules His children well. He does not overlook their flaws but rather uses them as teachable moments for them to mature past the point of foolish misconduct and grow into successful Kingdom citizens. Not everyone naming the name of the Lord is a son of God. They have refused the adoption process by continuing in their own ways and resisting House rules. They are orphans, wandering children who may check in once and a while to eat and patch up their wounds but they are not the sons of God. These are those who label themselves ‘Christians’, know all the Kingdom jargon, know church politics, and can function in any capacity of ministry they choose but they have not been adopted. They can get away with nasty attitudes, arrogance, causing contention and strife, and provoking divisions because they are un-parented. They claim the Father as theirs in name only. They carry His name but they don’t contain His DNA. They have not been regenerated, blood washed, or delivered from worldly mindsets but they still cloak themselves in ‘Kingdomatics’ feigning themselves off as the real thing.
When a person is a son of God, they will submit to His chastisement because their renewed mind has agreed with the Father that their actions were insubordinate. They know they were out of line, haughty, or mischievous and while yet striving for perfection, they have come to terms with their own frailty. These are those whom the Father will deal with swiftly and severely to alter their behavior into that which becometh saints of the Most High God. He won’t let allow them to continue nor become comfortable in sin. He loves them too much to leave them in a state of spiritual disarray.
The orphan will not submit and will fight against any form of correction or attitude adjustment that comes their way. They are like the fools in Proverbs who don’t acknowledge the Lord’s existence at all. They will continue to repeat disturbing patterns because they have never learned how to adjust them. Despite how it may appear, they don’t ‘get away’ the way it appears but they will be allowed to continue in their way for a season until their own doings catch up with them. The scriptures tell us, “Fret not ourselves over evil doers for they will soon be cut down”. The deeds of the proud, the orphan, and the fool will return into their bosom. It is not necessarily the correction of the Father. In other words, the Father will ALLOW the devourer to enter their lives based upon the laws of reciprocation; they have sown misconduct and therefore must reap it. Orphans are self-destructive which is why many times the Father will instruct you to avoid them. Love them and pray for them but separate yourself from them because eventually their deeds will catch them and repay them accordingly.

Consider David, when he sinned the Lord sent Nathan immediately with a word of correction. When Abraham ‘felt some kind of way’ about sending Ishmael away, the Lord immediately sent word to him. When Jonah erred in judgment, the Lord swiftly moved to correct him. There are so many biblical accounts of the Lord correcting His sons and even more present day accounts of you and I, the sons of God whom the Lord delights in chastening to prove that the righteous don’t get away with anything. Therefore, if you are one of those ‘Christians’ who can act out and never experience the chastisement of the Lord, you should be concerned. The next time you wonder why ‘so and so’ has not received correction from the Lord, consider the fact that they may not be in position with the Father to be treated as a son. They may be orphans, on a course of their own, following their own mind, and doing their own thing. If a person can live in sin, and live comfortably without any conviction whatsoever to stop and repent, understand that according to Romans 8:14, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they shall be called the sons of God.” The proof is in the pudding. When you know better, you do better.

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I Shall Not Want..

The Lord makes ways for us that many of us have yet to realize. We are so prone to worrying that we often fail to bless God for the provisions He has already made. Consider Elijah, in one season of his life he was fed by ravens. In another season, he was fed by a widow. He ate fish from the raven and cakes from the widow. By the grace of God, he went from Captain D’s to IHOP! We serve a mighty God who feeds His people well. You will never see the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread so hold your head up high!! God’s got this!

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Tag!! You’re Not IT!

As a kid, I remember we played a game called, Duck, Duck, Goose. In this game, the children would sit Indian style in a circle and the ‘point’ person would run around the outside of the circle yelling, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” The person who was selected as the ‘goose’ would jump up as the next ‘point’ person and repeat the process.
It was a fun game that entertained us for hours as children but when we see this ‘game’ infiltrate the church, we need to ‘tag’ it and remove it from our midst. How does this game work in the church? Well, you have one ‘set person’ who stands over a crowd of unsuspecting people who randomly assigns titles in the Body of Christ. “Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist!” “Tag, I see a calling on your life!” Then the ‘selected person’ jumps up, assumes the ‘tag’ and goes about their own circle repeating the process.
Duck, Duck, Goose worked fine on the playground but it has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ. Remain in your ‘seat’ until someone FILLED with the Spirit of God who has the gift, unction, and grace to raise you up in that ‘set place’ and has the watch for your soul CONFIRMS what the Lord has already impregnated within you. This is not a game folks. You don’t get special prizes and balloons in Heaven for commissioning the most apostles and prophets. In fact, it’s the soul winners crown that we all should attain unto and you don’t get that from being in church 24/7, hosting a million conferences, and printing the most fabulous flyers. You get that from hitting the streets and roaming the hedges and highways. Heaven doesn’t rejoice over another apostle, Heaven rejoices when souls are delivered from the snares of satan.
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Discerning Wolves, Sheep, and Horses in a Church or Organization, by Joseph Mattera

The Bible uses certain animals as metaphors to depict certain kinds of people in the kingdom. Pastors and senior leaders of organizations need to discern at least three kinds of people in their organizations to effectively lead.
Although most people may have a mixture of all three traits at times in their lives, it is very possible that either the negative or positive traits of a person can suck them fully into either the dark side or the light of the Kingdom of God. It is inevitable that every growing organization and/or church will attract all three of these kinds of people simultaneously.
Following are some of the main characteristics of wolves, sheep, and horses as based on my observations during almost 30 years of ministry in the church and marketplace.
Wolves say yes outwardly to spiritual authority but say no in their hearts
Wolves attempt to fool the shepherds among them by outwardly being agreeable to the vision, ministry, and responsibilities of the organization but inwardly they have no intention of fully obeying spiritual authority. In the beginning they will either do the absolute minimum of what is required—or maybe even excel—but it is merely for them to position themselves into a place of trust among the leadership so they can leverage more influence and fulfill their fleshly schemes.
Wolves have their own vision
Senior leaders make mistakes when they think that division in their ranks only comes from gossip or slander. There is more division in churches and organizations than most leaders realize because its covert operation is not based on slander but on hidden agendas. Any person who perpetuates their own vision within the overarching vision of a church or organization is in fact a divisive person and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Wolves are not ministerially accountable and walk in the dark
Any person or secondary leader that doesn’t allow their overseer to see what kind of work they are doing, gets annoyed when asked for reports, or shuns honest open relationships and accountability, or obstructs usual communication systems, is potentially a wolf in the making.

Wolves are not authentic because they attempt to look like sheep

People who are not authentic to themselves are candidates for turning on others at any given time. If you are not true to yourself and to who God made you, then you will not be true to other people. Wolves wear sheep’s clothing because they attempt to fit into the overall scheme and structure of an organization or church. That is to say, they fit right into all of the cultural norms of their surrounding.
For example, if they are in a church they will regularly attend church services and leadership meetings, pay their tithes, perform ministry tasks, and attempt to outwardly excel in spiritual disciplines more than anyone else. Most pastors are preaching every Sunday to a percentage of people who are wolves since they have no discernment, or because their church is too large for them to smoke the wolves out. Given time, a wolf will attempt to position themselves in some way for more influence so, generally speaking, a senior leader will eventually find out who these people are.
Wolves position themselves to be close to those in power
As stated in the previous point, wolves crave proximity to power. They will attempt to garner favor with the senior leader by acts of service, sacrifice, financial giving, and by flattering the leaders among them that are the most susceptible to false praise. For example, if the senior leader is not accessible enough, wolves will work to attach themselves to secondary leaders they perceive have influence with the senior leader. They do this to curry favor with the secondary leader to slowly build another infrastructure loyal to a subversive agenda instead of to the senior leader and the vision of the organization.
Wolves desire the perks of the organization without paying the price for the organization
I have learned that those who really have a sincere heart will function in any capacity without a title or position, as long as they are properly stewarding their gifts. Since wolves don’t want to pay the price over the long term, they position themselves to receive accolades, prestige, and a platform as quickly as possible—even over those who have paid the price for the organization for many years.
Senior leaders have to be wary of those who constantly crave position, titles and authority without proving themselves over the long haul.
Wolves camouflage their motives and actions with spirituality
These people are not open and broken regarding their personal flaws. Rather they attempt to put up a veneer of super spirituality to fool others to the point that even the senior leader is not really spiritual in comparison to them. Their criticisms are not outwardly slanderous but involve subtleties and innuendos that involve second guessing senior leadership decisions, implying the church isn’t spiritual enough, or that the senior leader doesn’t really hear from God and doesn’t really pray much, etc. Basically, a wolf is trying to do anything that can successfully instill seeds of doubt about the senior leader in the minds of the people around them.
Wolves use and abuse people to accomplish their own agenda
Although wolves come off as if they love everyone around them, they are only using these people to gain influence and power. As soon as they have what they want from these naïve people they eat them, spit them out, and move on to the next person who can deliver them the platform they desire.
Wolves can’t be led but must be driven away by shepherds
Some senior leaders attempt to rehabilitate every person that comes into their church or organization. This is a huge mistake! A wolf will always be a wolf, a sheep always a sheep, and a horse always a horse, no matter how much you fast and pray for them. Once a person is identified as a wolf a shepherd should confer with other leaders for confirmation of this fact, then monitor this person closely and not allow them any harmful leverage in the church.
In most cases, senior leader can’t just throw the wolf out. If the senior leader does this then innocent people that have already been influenced by the wolf will get hurt as well. The senior leader has to wait until the wolf reveals their true motives by “giving them enough rope to hang themselves.” When it is manifest they can be driven out!
Wolves attempt to destroy the shepherd as a way to consume the sheep
By and large, wolves are in competition with the senior leader of an organization they are a part of, instead of serving as their promoter and protector. The reason for this is because the shepherd (senior leader) has what they crave: the most influence in the organization. Because of this, wolves will do everything in their power to tear down the shepherd so that the sheep are vulnerable to their wishes.
Wolves are not sons but bloodsuckers of the house
Years ago, after a very difficult time in our church, the Lord spoke through a member of our church who said that God was going to give me “sons and daughters who would never betray me.” Since that time I have built the leadership of our church with sons and daughters of the house, not with those merely desiring a position for their gifting to be displayed. This strategy has served our church well the past 20 years. I encourage all pastors to build key leadership with these criteria.
Wolves are those who are not grateful for what the senior leader does or what the organization has to offer. Instead, they are always complaining about their needs not being met. No matter how many times you aid a wolf they will always crave more fresh meat to eat and blood to drink!
Sheep outwardly and inwardly attempt to follow their spiritual authority
Sheep are those who both say yes outwardly and inwardly (in their hearts) to those directives from those in spiritual authority over them. Sheep make up most of the congregation and will always gravitate towards a leader who is a legitimate shepherd that watches out for the best interests of the flock.
Sheep reflect the vision of the shepherd
True sheep move in the general direction of the flock and reflect the vision of the shepherd and the organization. They don’t care much about position, or leadership. What they care about most is that their needs are met and that the organization has stability, especially in the midst of the storms of life.
Sheep desire to be accountable as long as they feel a place of safety
Sheep will open up both their hearts and their wallets for the sake of a place of safety for them and their families. They want to be honest and open about their needs and hurts, and greatly desire mature people they can trust that will listen to their cries for help and guide them towards the path of life.
Sheep run when they sense instability in a church or organization
Sheep understand that while they are in pasture they will experience inclement weather so they don’t blame the shepherd for the storms of life or the attacks of the enemy on the organization. But one thing they will not tolerate: they will flee and run to another fold if they think the shepherd lacks integrity or is not a strong enough leader to continue to offer stability for the flock in the midst of the storm.
Sheep depend on shepherds to feed them and lead them
Sheep will graze where they are fed. Sometimes when sheep leave a church or organization and go to another it is because they are hungry and need green grass to be nourished. If the grass (preaching of the word) is stale or if the shepherd is not leading them besides still waters or helping them feel refreshed in their souls they will eventually go where this is offered so they do not die of malnutrition. No matter how many responsibilities a senior leader has, he or she must always make sure the first order of business is to continually offer fresh green grass (fresh, relevant rhema words from God) and pure water to the flock so they don’t die of malnutrition or flee to other shepherds who will take care of them.

Sheep are vulnerable to wolves that prey on them at night

Sheep cannot defend themselves, don’t have much discernment, and may even wander off at night right into a pack of wolves. This is why a shepherd must continually identify where the wolves are and keep them away from the sheep. Sheep must also be closely connected to others in small group settings so they receive the proper oversight and care.
Sheep love and flock around true shepherds
Sheep can always tell who a true shepherd is. One of the things I tell people who feel called to be pastors is that one of the proofs you are really called to be a pastor is if the sheep start gravitating towards you for comfort, nourishment, and advice. If a person doesn’t attract sheep then, no matter how many years they had in seminary or how many prophecies they had spoken over their lives, they are not yet ready to serve as a pastor.
Horses are multipliers with unique leadership abilities in a church or organization
Horses often are used as a metaphor for something stately and powerful. Probably less than five percent of people in any organization fit into this category. These folks are creative, and multiply and develop other leaders, ministries, and programs. They are not the kind of people that like to be micromanaged. Like horses they need to have space to run and harness their energy.
Horses will say yes to spiritual authority once they understand the concept and buy into the agenda
Horses are the kind of people that will be reluctant to get involved in something unless they fully understand the concepts involved. The reason for this is because they wisely manage their time and don’t get involved in initiatives not suited to their gifting and mission.
Senior leaders need to recognize these kinds of leaders so they will not mistake their reticence for insubordination.
Horses will be transparent and personally accountable to those who train and release them to their potential
Horses are the kind of leaders that will gravitate towards those who bring them to the next level. If senior leaders recognize a horse among them they should prioritize pouring time into them. Horses will usually hold themselves accountable and be transparent to a senior leader investing in them that has already developed a bond of trust with them.

Horses will reflect the vision if the visionary invests in them

Horses will gladly perpetuate vision if they know the senior leader is creating capacity for them to grow in the organization and is willing to invest time nurturing them.
Horses will possess the vision if the visionary utilizes them to help fulfill it
Often, sheep have ownership of an organization to the extent they are getting their needs met. On the other hand, once horses are loyal, they will exhibit a spirit of proprietorship. They are the kind of folks designed for battle and will be loyal and excel in their responsibilities—at  times, even unto their own death!
Horses will carry the vision to the next level if the visionary rides upon their gifting and harnesses their ability
Horses, more than any other people in an organization, can carry numerous people on their backs while riding at light speed and promoting vision. To get an understanding of the growth capacity of a church or an organization, a senior leader merely needs to calculate the number of horses they employ on staff and as volunteers. Horses are the only ones in the organization with the innate potential to multiply other leaders and create ministry. Wise senior leaders will allow these (proven and tested) unique leaders to run swiftly and not be slowed down by over management and insecurity (on the part of the senior leader).
Loyal horses will outpace and scare off the wolves
Since horses have an amazing combination of speed and strength, they are the most capable in an organization to be released for battle in times of war. Wolves are intimidated by strong, loyal horses and will not mess with them and those in proximity to them.
Horses were born to race and will be bored with a slow pace
Horses, like apostolic leaders, are used to moving, seeing, and working at light speed. (Sort of like in the movie The Matrix, when even bullets were moving slow compared to the speed that Keanu Reeves’ character moved.) Horses see so far ahead with concomitant speed that sometimes they assume everyone else is moving at the same pace.
Because of this, they can easily become bored. The senior leader must continually challenge horses by giving them the next big thing to conquer as soon as they see a horse has mastered and established their particular assignment. Pastoral senior leaders cannot adequately oversee people such as these in the long-term; only accomplished apostolic leaders can stay ahead of horses in movement, strategy, and vision.

Horses crave accomplishment and significance, not titles or positions

Horses are driven by accomplishment, not empty titles and positions. They don’t need to be in the spotlight. They are usually alpha males (or alpha females) with a high “D” personality that is obsessed with solving problems, creating movement, and bringing transformation and an improved quality of life to people, places, and things.
When people are vying for positions and titles it is a good sign they are not horses but either confused sheep or wolves in the making.
Horses are potential successors to the visionary

Horses are the only folks with the potential to take an already established apostolic organization to the next level of vision and destiny. Senior leaders who are transitioning out of their organization often make the mistake of choosing an administrator instead of a horse. This is why apostolic movements usually settle for the status quo and concentrate on self-preservation in the second generation of their existence.
If you want an efficient organization choose an administrator to lead it. But if you desire an effective organization choose a proven, loyal horse with energy to create the movement necessary to expand the already established horizons for years to come. – Joseph Mattera

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The Season of the Strong Finish

The Season of the Strong Finish by Prophetess Delisa Lindsey
Matt.. 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
Ecc. 9:11 – I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
2013 has been a year and a half. We have battled, praised, been beaten, worshipped, and have battled even more. It seems as if the enemy crouched beside us and waited for the golden opportunity to attack everything that he thought was not nailed to the coffin of our lives. He looked out for areas of our lives that should have been dead, areas that we thought we had overcome and he pounced on it like the dreaded crafty cat that he is.
We were picked at, picked on, laughed at, talked about, ridiculed, and tormented but somehow through the grace of our God and the power in the name of Jesus, we stand. We are not just standing but we are standing strong. Yes, we have bruises, lost some hair, gained some weight and lost some, but we are still clothed in our right minds. We have lived to tell the story.
To be a finisher means to complete every task assigned to the point that it never has to be repeated again. When you have finished, you have overcome. You have won. And you have persevered.
My message to you is one of empowerment. Take the lessons and hard knocks of 2013 and let them build you into an invincible creature for the Lord. Let it mold you, shape you, and conform you into the image of Almighty God. Let what the enemy used for your harm, be converted into your favor.
Many of you lost friends but what you failed to realize is that they were never your friends to begin with. You started out this year with fake folk. People who used you and mistreated you. People who needed what you have but did not necessarily care for who you are. They needed your money, your material stuff, and your name but they didn’t want you. God used a variety of circumstances to expose them and He allowed your heart to be bruised in the process so that you learn to discern better next time.
Some of you thought you had family members who for sure had your backs. You thought they would rejoice with you, stand with you, and support your visions, your books, your ministries, your stores, and your hopes, but what you found out was that within they were teeming with jealousy because they found out that you were the Joseph in the family. You were the priest of the family and the deliverer for your generation and like Miriam and Aaron, they conspired against you. But you survived because God fought for you.
Some of you had traps set up on your job to overthrow you. People wanted your positions. People wanted your favor and they despised how well you performed so they started rumors. God put a stop to it though because he allowed their dark deeds to be manifested so that even when they tried to tell a lie about you, no one would believe it.
If you had your fill of nonsense in your personal life then you had to come to church and deal with devils. You struggled all week to make it to a Sunday morning and then when you get through the front doors, you have devils waiting for you in the parking lot and on the pew seated beside you. You were confronted with gossip, backbiting, jealousy and accusations that if you weren’t as rooted in Christ as you are, when God gave the word for the House to be cleaned, you would have been taken out with the trash too. Your head was spinning. You started questioning whether you really heard God, are you in the right place, and are your leaders who you thought you were and it took the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver your mind to show you how the enemy was playing peek a boo, I got you with your own mind. Jezebel came in and washed your mind in so much confusion and turmoil that you became depressed, loss the zeal to pray, teach, preach, or even show up. The devourers came in once you let your guard down and started beating against your finances so hard that you even struggled with returning the tithe to the Lord. You were a mess but somehow, someway, God delivered. You stand here today as a testament that the power of God is real. The power to restore your mind is real and you have finished that season of testing so strong that you won’t ever have to face it again.
“The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1
In this season, we found out who the righteous were. God made it plain as the nose of your face. You can’t miss it because all you have to do is look around. Who is still standing? Who resisted the enemy and made him flee? Who still has a praise? Who still has their flag of un-defeat? Who still has the dance in their feet? The righteous are as bold as a lion.
Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28
What the Lord required of us in this season past is un-moveablity. You may not have control over others or the circumstances that are presented to you but when you are in control of your life and your spirit man is guarded, you are not easily moved. Anything not planted or rooted is moveable. This desk is moveable, this table is moveable. It can be handled by anybody at anytime. But when someone a devil or a human devil whispers in your ear and you have no walls to hold you still, you are a person who is controlled by others. You are not like the tree in Psalm 1. Your leaf will wither, you will not bring forth fruit in your due season because you are easily moved. Anybody has access to you and can control your movements.
Some of are you in season of athletics. You have been in a losing season for awhile but you failed to realize that the times of loss were in actuality preparing you for your winning season. Case in point, Panthers – 2012 season 6-9 this season 11-4. They were losing so miserably in their last season that people picked on them. Even life time fans refused to go the games. People were ridiculed for wearing the jerseys after their loss but the Panthers kept practicing and changed their game plan. In this current season, because the pains of last season were so evident and still fresh, when they lost their first three games, they were ready to send Coach Rivera packing. They were not about to start a brand new season with losses. After losing their first three games of this season, Coach Ron Rivera’s head was on the hot seat. And people will treat you like that too. When the church is filled and service is anointed which takes us all collectively, the people are in love with their leaders and their church but the moment things take a downward turn, they abandon ship and seek replacements. Abandonment in time of peril is not unusual. The same thing occurred to Jesus, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and the cowards get gone.
But just like you, with a seasoned and well trained quarterback, you can make it. You can pull yourself out of the slump and make it to the playoffs. You can even go all the way if you are willing to push yourself. Now, Coach Rivera is hailed as a winning coach because he has a team who believes that they can win. They are not placing the blame on one person, they are all working collectively together for a win-win. It is the team approach that God the Father believes in when He formed the world with the Three Persons of the God-head. Jesus started His public ministry with a team of twelve. And you and I need much more than that. Team players have endured in this season and it is they who will succeed in the next. We cannot live our lives as if we don’t need anyone. Only satan likes for you to be solitarily confined so that he can divide and conquer. But if you plan on being on successful in God in this next season to come, you must learn to participate, cooperate, and celebrate. 2014 is not for the one man bands, 2014 is for team players with Heavenly Kingdom mentalities and mandates.
As I close, in the words of our dear elder and brother, Apostle Paul, I encourage you. In 2013, you have been poured out as a drink offering. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race of 2013, and you have kept the faith. May you receive the crown of finishing well and may it manifest in your relationships and circumstances in Jesus name. Onward.

The Season of the Strong Finish, © 2013. Delisa Lindsey, PDL Ministries

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When God Removes the Anointing

God walked away from Nebuchadnezzar to show him that he is nothing without him. Have you noticed what happens to people when the anointing lifts? They are a hot mess. David understood this which is why he cried out with great intensity because he did not want the Lord to take the anointing (take not your Holy Spirit from me) from him. Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t anointed, but God did assigned an anointed vessel to minister to him. And when Daniel warned Nebuchadnezzar and he refused to take heed, the Lord removed His hand, removed Daniel from ministering to Nebuchadnezzar, and a lunatic spirit took over.

Now let me be very clear and candid. When you have been anointed or have been exposed to the anointing and YOU DO SOMETHING that removes you from God’s presence (for God will never abandon you, but your sins will separate you from Him), another spirit takes over. Most times it’s the more heinous form of spirit that has been vexing you all along that when the anointing lifts, moves in. Shall we recall Saul as a witness that when the anointing of God departs, evil spirits take over?

The lunatic spirit took over Nebuchadnezzar’s mind. It drove him to the wilderness to eat grass like an animal. The dew of Heaven fell upon him and soaked his body until his hair grew wildly long and even changed texture to resemble the feathers of a bird. He grew nail claws like a bird too.

Now you may or may not want to acknowledge this, but I maintain to tell you that if a person refuses to heed the counsel of the Lord, refuses to submit to God’s anointing, and resists the correction of the Lord, He will ‘give that person up’ to the very thing that they have been longing after. Nebuchadnezzar wanted to be in charge, so God gave him a kingdom. He drove him into the wilderness and away from people so that he could rule among the oxen and birds. He even poured out dew from Heaven to help him ‘transition’ to his new assignment as ‘king’ of the jungle.

I don’t know the names of some of the ‘gods’ that some people serve but the God I know is the Living God who is a terror to His enemies. I don’t know about the blind and deaf gods that some serve, but my God sees all, knows all, and is all in all.