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You Asked For It, Received It, Then Turn Away?

Hannah wanted a child. She pleaded with her husband, made herself look like a fool in the temple before Eli, and made a vow to God that if He blessed her, she would return the child to Him. How many times have we asked the Lord for something, I mean literally beg for it, and then upon receiving it, we take the blessing and misuse it, abuse it, or idolize it? There are a many of saints who have broken vows with the Lord. They promised that if He sends the job, they would tithe, if He sends the spouse, they would be faithful, if He sends the child, they would raise him unto the Lord, if He sends the car, they would bring someone to church, and the list of unfulfilled promises goes on and on. Some of us have become outright liars. We not only lied to ourselves but we’ve made futile attempts to lie to the One and Only Wise God who knowing all things STILL BLESSED YOU while knowing what would become of it.

Consider yourself. You were faithful until you got what you wanted and then you backslid. You were faithful giving the few dollars until you really got blessed and then you slacked off. You were faithful attending service and participating in functions until you received THAT THING and now you are too busy. Really? How about the Lord becomes too busy to see about you? How about He slacks His diligent hand toward you? How would you like to wear those shoes you are trying to force Him into wearing?

Umm, God is not blind. In fact, He has created beings with eyes all around to make certain that He doesn’t miss a beat. And that little bit of unfaithfulness that we have been doing very well may have cancelled us out of what God had in store for us next. Tsk, tsk. We were so flabbergasted by what we have, worshiped it, and adored it that we failed to consider that what we asked for cannot even be compared to what He really had in mind for us. Some of us won’t have to worry about that though. God, have mercy.


spiritual symbolism

Speaking of the Eternal Realm…..

In the eternal realm, your senses and intelligence is heightened exponentially. You will not be ghost floating around shouting, Boo!! You will interact, you will engage, and you will communicate with others in the spirit realm. You will know saints of old, even to thousands of years old. Case in point, Moses and Elijah communed with Jesus and they KNEW EACH OTHER WELL. The angels didn’t introduce them. There were no name tags. You will know because as your intimate with the Father, you will also become intimate with those of His Children of other folds (ages or times). You will know your eternal family and they will know you.

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Bruise the Enemy’s Head

About 16 years ago when I was carrying my second child, I was bitten by a snake. I was leaving church after noon day prayer and was bitten on my left ankle as I got into my car. I ran back into the church where the members called paramedics while the others ran outside the find the snake. Moments later, they returned with the report that the snake had wrapped itself around my front tire which they removed and killed.

I reminisce that day from time to time, especially considering that the two women who killed the snake have gone home to be with Lord, one was my mother in law and the other a close family friend. I am reminded of the enmity placed between woman and the serpent and that even to this day, thousands of years later, the enemy is still bruising our heal and we are still crushing his head. When I see a woman of God going forth in prayer, delivery of the Word or just being a faithful and devoted mother or wife, I am reminded of our everyday battle to crush the enemy’s head. I am also reminded of those women, the Titus women, who come to the rescue and aid of the younger woman to finish off the battles she lacks the strength or the knowledge to fight.

I tip my hat to every veteran in the faith, male and female, who are standing behind, beside and sometimes in front of the next generation of spiritual leaders. May the blessings of the Lord be yours in Jesus name.

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Revelation of the Turtles

Warning: This is going to sound really weird unless you understand prophetic revelation.

Today, I had an experience with three turtles. As I checked my email this morning, there was a news clipping of a turtle with two heads. This afternoon as I was leaving Mom’s house, I saw what I thought was a twig. Once I got up to it, I noticed it was a turtle and by then it was too late, I had already run over it in my truck. I could hear the shell crack and I was mortified. I backed up to see about it (it is never my intention to harm any of God’s creation) and the turtle was nowhere to be found. It had disappeared. Even my son and daughter who were with me helped me look for it. Once I finally returned home, I turned on the television and the first image on the screen was a painted turtle on the side of a building. I knew at that point that something was amiss and I asked my husband what was the spiritual meaning of a turtle.

He and I kicked a few thoughts around and we determined that a turtle represented something slow moving that once detected can also go into hiding. I began asking the Lord what it was He was trying to show me. I knew at that moment that something sinister was trying to hide from me and I asked God to manifest it fully. A few hours later, the ‘turtle’ manifested fully. When it did, I cracked its shell immediately and destroyed it in the spirit. It still did not dawn on me until later what was being revealed until I did my evening studies. The Lord revealed a plot to undermine my ministry, marriage, and other relationships that had been hidden but was moving in slowly. Thank God, that ‘turtle’ is no more.
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Shift Already!

Shift. Shift. Shift.

Nearly everyone and their cousin has been prophesying it, but why when the SHIFT comes, we don’t?

Change is inevitable. It’s going to happen with or without your permission and it does not wait on your consent. Things weren’t designed to stay the same. Everything has to evolve in some type of way or we lose touch with our society. (Can you imagine traveling now without a GPS? Can you imagine a kitchen without a microwave? Change brought that about!) (It’s okay if you don’t have a GPS or microwave, don’t lose the point!)

Have you ever seen an infant remain an infant for years? No. Then why are we sometimes so hesitant and reluctant to growth? Let me suggest that we do so because we become so COMFORTABLE with the way things are that we resist any hint of change for fear that we will be required to either step up, step out, or step away. That’s what change does; it moves things. Change brings transition. Change brings change.

The Bible calls people who are resistant to change, old wine skins. Old wine skins burst because it has lost its elasticity to stretch to hold new wine. As long as the old wine remains within the old skin, it is fine. But if you try to pour new wine into an old skin, the fermenting of the wine expands and the old wine skin is incapable of handling the expansion. What’s my point? Glad you asked? Change must be accommodated by a renewed mind or the change becomes forced and anything forced is uncooperative.

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You are a Garden of Creativity

For years and years, I would tell others that “I AM NOT CREATIVE”! Little did I know that I was condensing my own talents. I was hindering my own self and limiting what God, the Creator, placed inside of me. I learned a lot about myself over the years and I learned a great deal more from the theatre on last night.

I learned that what God has placed inside of each us is an art form. We are all ARTISTS in our own right. The gift to speak, write, sing, organize, lead, cook, repair, and enhance are all creative dimensions of our Father residing in us.

Something my husband said to me a while back (I love his wisdom), he said, every animal is an attribute of the Father. Whether that animal is violent, peaceful, flighty, or domicile, loud, quiet, fast, slow, large, small, furry or not, they are all attributes of the Lord’s character. (I said WOW!) Likewise, every display of creativity within us are demonstrations of the Lord’s creative knack abiding in us.

The key to releasing your creativity is your surrounding. If you are around those who push you down, curse you out, and shut you up, you may never bear what is in you, but if you are around those make you smile, encourage you, inspire, and grow you, there is no limit to what God will sprout from your life. Remember, we started in the Garden and Jesus perfected it in the Garden. Now we are Gardens of our own right. How much fruit your garden produces depends on the soil (heart), seed (word), water (Holy Spirit) and exposure to the SON. Let’s grow!!!

… and I am Creative!!!

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His Eye is on the Sparrow and ME!

Here is a word of wisdom my husband shared with me yesterday. I was in the middle of setting up a new venture and I felt myself becoming a bit unnerved. He sat me down and said,

“As upset as I am about the bird that keeps getting in the attic, I can’t get to him unless the Lord allows it. The Lord watches out for the birds in the air and if He won’t let one fall without His allowing it, how do you think He feels about you? If God cared enough to keep that bird hidden from me, how much more does He care for His daughter?”

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Don’t Shortcut Your Wilderness

Genesis 40:14-15, “But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house: For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews: and here also have I done nothing that they should put me into the dungeon.”

Joseph saw an opportunity to be released from prison and like most of us, he used it. He used his gift of interpreting dreams and his favor with the butler to request a ‘get out of jail card’. He asked the butler to remember him and mention his name to Pharaoh that he may be delivered from the prison, but that was not the plan of God.

Isn’t it something how we think we can use our prestige, name, and gift as a ticket out of a situation that God has arranged? It wasn’t Joseph’s time yet to delivered from the prison. Besides that, the Lord wanted Pharaoh to summon Joseph for interpretation of his dream not that of the butler’s.

Just because we have opportunity to avoid a test or escape a challenge doesn’t mean we are supposed to. Joseph needed more ‘tenderizing’ and so do we some times. The Lord took Joseph through all of those processes to prepare him for PALACE MINISTRY. You can’t shortcut the prison and lay claim on the palace!

I don’t know who the ‘butler’ is that you thought was your sure ticket out, but the Lord is saying, DON’T TRUST IN THE BUTLER, TRUST IN ME! And I will bring you out at the APPOINTED TIME!

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Apostles are Carpenters After the Order of the Master Builder, Jesus

Apostles are trailblazers, pioneer men, and excursionists. They set the pattern or lay the foundation for others to build upon. If you haven’t built anything, haven’t went anywhere, haven’t launched out in the deep, haven’t laid a spiritual foundation, haven’t blazed any trails, and ARE AFRAID TO WORK, ummmmmm. We have a problem.

1 Cor. 3:10, “According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.”

Every apostle, like the CHIEF APOSTLE, had better be wearing a CARPENTER’S BELT IN THE SPIRIT, full of tools (hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and nails) or find another robe to wear.

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Contending for the Blessing

One morning my youngest son and I had a little ‘heated’ fellowship. I was unhappy with his performance of his household chores and I reprimanded him accordingly. He sulked (as children do) and walked away. I said, Oh so now YOU have an attitude and I turned away too. This was moments away from him missing the bus so I expected him to run out the door. But when he saw the older son come for a hug and kiss, he looked torn. Everyday, my children and I kiss and love on each other before they leave. And even though he was in his little feelings, he was not about to leave the house without his mother’s blessings!

As I’m walking in my room thinking they are gone, I hear footsteps behind me! Turned around and he was standing there with his arms out reaching for his hug and kiss!! lol! I said, You want my blessing don’t you? He nodded, Yes! I said, No!!! He says, Mom, please! I’m about to miss my bus! At that moment, I grabbed him and we kissed and hugged and I blessed his day.

I paused there a moment to reflect on what happened when I heard the Spirit of God begin to teach me the revelation behind what just happened.

He showed me that as Children of God we have received sound instructions on how to do what we are assigned to do. Then not only do we poorly carry out our assignments, we catch attitudes when we are rebuked for sloppy stewardship. What is more insulting to the Kingdom of Heaven is when we seek to leave the House (or the place of assignment) without the blessing of the Father because WE are in our feelings.

The Lord is saying that there is a remnant who have been offended but they will yet return out of humility because they will realize and recognize their absolute need for the Father’s Blessings in their lives. They are looking at their brothers and sisters in the Faith who are submitted and are receiving unmeasured favor and grace because they have learned the art of honoring their Parents and their hearts are being turned within them to do what is right.

The Lord said, Your son did well to seek after your blessings. He was willing to miss his bus in order to make sure things were right with you. How many of My sons and daughters run right out of My presence trying to ‘catch a bus’ to take them to another destination away from Me? You did well to embrace him and bless him for even I will turn and embrace Mine when their hearts are turned back to Me.

The Bible teaches that we can learn a lot from a child. How to walk in meekness, humility, and even how to repent. I pray that we emerge as a people of God who seek after the Kingdom and the righteousness thereof. I pray that we cultivate a heart of a child in terms of our relationship with the Father. I pray for those who have forsaken the sacred altar and their obligations because of offense or hurt feelings and that they will return to their place in You, O God. I pray for the nations to remember and return to You Lord, in Jesus name.

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