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How Fitted Are You For the Work of the Ministry

For those of you who are newly ordained into ministry or are about to be ordained, there is something you need to be fully aware of. There is a battle you are going to face which will challenge every vow you make on that day. On the enemy’s behalf, this is a solemn attempt to sabotage your ministry assignment before you even have to chance to walk in it but on God’s behalf it’s to prove who you really are. I have seen this so many times that it is mind boggling and many of the saints are so excited and eager about being ordained that they are not watching for the test that comes with the assignment.
Every vow you make on the day of your ordination will be brought to you for you to prove that what you said came from the heart and not just your lip service. Yes, the enemy will be used but he is not the one in charge of this process, God is.
Jesus, the moment after He was baptized, filled with Holy Spirit, and given identity, was LED by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted. For 40 days, the devil tormented and harassed Him yet Jesus stood on the word of God and defeated him each and every time. You are no different than our Lord. If He encountered warfare after His public ‘ordination’, so will you.
The enemy will be loosed against you to tempt you at every place in your ministry where God has called you to serve. He will be relentless, fierce, accusatory, and will not leave you alone until God tells him to. You will know, by the time your season of wilderness temptation is over, how qualified you are for the work of the ministry. You will know if you really believe the word of the Lord that was spoken over you. You will know if you are as committed and dedicated to the work as you claimed on your ‘day’. You will know if you have what it takes to stand, fight, and endure hardness as a good soldier. You will know your limitations, the devil will know, and God will know as well.

Mark this word and look back over your life once you were ordained. What happened? Who started whispering in your ear? Where did you feel pulled? How much work of the ministry have you been able to do since that day? Have you upheld your vows before the Lord, your leader, and the people or are you still stuck in the wilderness?


Spiritual Warfare

The Wicked Prophets of Baal

The enemy can’t stop your destiny but he can entice you to do so. The wicked prophet Baal couldn’t curse the people of God so he enticed them to sin with lust and fornication. Hear this people of God – there are wicked prophets, prophets who are human agents of satan sent on assignment to entice you to abort your own destiny. They are seducing some of you to lust and fornicate just like Baal. They are enticing the people of God to lust after the world and the things of the world. They have prophesied so much material gain that some of the people of God have abandoned true love for the Lord and are now serving Him for stuff. These prophets are seducing some of the people of God to fornicate with the world to satisfy sinful cravings for power, people, and prosperity. Don’t fall victim to Baal’s prophets. They hate you with seething anger and are bent on your destruction. If a word to you sounds too good to be true, search for its foundation in scripture and test it by the fruit of Holy Spirit.


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The Spirit of the Midianite Whore

Men of God, be on guard against the spirit of the Midianite whore sent on assignment by hell from the prophets of Baal who want to see your purposes in the Lord frustrated. She will smell good, look good, and promise to do what your own wife won’t do but her bed is the gate to hell. When someone is constantly prophesying and pulling you away from your home, you need to be on high alert because the devil ain’t playing with you, he wants you destroyed.


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The Strange Woman Who Wants Your Destiny – a prophetic dream

I saw this woman in a dream who was trying her best to seduce this man of God. He was in the driver seat and somehow she managed to get in the car with him but was sitting in the back seat. He had his mind on where he was going and wasn’t paying her attention but her attention was on him. She tried to catch his glance in the rear view mirror but he still wouldn’t look at her. When all else failed, she gapped her legs wide open to try to lure him but he still would not look back at her.

Men of destiny, as in the case of Joseph, the enemy will send women after you who are forceful, strong, and determined. They don’t care anything about you or your God, they want your flesh. As the man in the dream and in the case of Joseph, keep your mind on the Lord and He will deliver you from the temptation of the strange woman. We are living in the time of Isaiah when he said 7 women will take hold of one man. They don’t care about sharing you, they just want you. This kind of woman doesn’t want commitment. They don’t want to submit to a marriage, they just want the flesh of a man. Be careful and be warned. These spirits in these wanton women are strong, seductive, and sexy and they will turn your life upside down if you let them. Maintain your integrity and stay accountable. This is not the season to wander alone.


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Confrontation Between God’s Prophets and False Prophets

Are there foreign spirits training prophetic people? Are we about to see a prophetic showdown within prophetic ministry and among various prophetic groups? Every move of God, outpouring, time of refreshing and relevant truth for a particular generation has battled its own particular demonic resistance. That also holds true for prophetic ministry.

Apostles and prophets are both apostolic gifts, apostolic in the sense of being sent-ones, foundational in calling, and given to serve the body of Christ and equip the born-again believer in distinct ways. One particular, yet pervasive tactic of the enemy against prophetic ministry is the introduction of faux prophetic operations and unhallowed defilement. True prophetic people have seen false prophets precede them. This makes the acceptance of their ministry much more difficult. The reason for this is because prophetic ministry is a stalwart opponent of Satan. To stop theprophetic ministry the enemy must interpose a counterfeit, something that looks and sounds like Christ’s true prophetic ministry but is not. Satan is the master deceiver and knows ancient weapons of seduction needed to deceive all save the most mature and discerning.
Christ is still calling, training, activating and sending His prophets into the world He loves. Even as prophets are sent into the world there remains a continuing effort by the prince of darkness to introduce prophetic defilement into prophetic ministry. This is why emerging prophets need to learn from seasoned prophets and established spiritual leaders. These prophetic contaminants are deceptive cancers sent to vitiate true prophetic ministry. Like cancer, prophetic debasement is progressive. Sometimes prophetic defilement is dormant or hidden and at other times hideously apparent.

Once I was with several people praying and heard some of them prophesy. I was uneasy in my spirit because there was something that wasn’t quite right. Maybe you have been in meetings like that too. Something appeared foreign and strange. I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it at the time so I continued to pray. As time went by the Holy Spirit began to talk to me ever so softly. “There are things in their lives defiling them. There is no longer a desire for holiness, they have a blend, an unholy mixture.” That unholy concoction He called “prophetic defilement.” It can be likened to that “strange fire” the sons of Aaron brought into the temple that ushered God’s judgment on their lives (Leviticus 10:1). As you read this work pray the Holy Spirit increases your spiritual discernment. You may be familiar with the spirit of Jezebel that attacks prophetic ministry but let’s examine these less familiar and unholy contaminates too.

Satan has been diligently implementing his strategy of prophetic defilement. For you to be effective in prophetic ministry you must not be seduced by his deceptions. Throughout this essay we will unmask various demonic assignments that introduce unholy mixtures into the prophetic ministry. “How could it happen,” you ask? Are there any early warning signs? Can we protect ourselves? Are there foreign spirits training prophetic people? How do we discern the true from the false? These are some of the questions we will explore. Let’s get started.
We are in the times of “the restitution of all things,” including prophetic ministry (Acts 3:21). There continues to be a restoration of prophets and prophetic grace released in our generation. Christ has not changed since his resurrection and ascension. God is still giving gifts to men. He continues calling, training, activating and releasing prophets into His Church.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the only five-fold ascension gifts embraced within the Church were evangelists and pastors. Many didn’t even identify the unique ascension gift of teacher. Yes, many believed there were evangelists, but some taught there were not any prophets and certainly were no apostles. Today this has changed and many agree that there are five distinct ascension gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers all called to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12). As a prophet you already know that. Christ didn’t remove any ascension gifts from His Church and all five are still vital and functioning today. With the restoration of all five gifts working together, we can expect at least five things to happen:

There will be a greater release of true prophets, speaking with true prophetic utterances throughout the Church. The devil will oppose prophetic ministry by releasing deceitful spirits into the prophetic ministry speaking with mystical voices. There will be a danger of true prophets speaking with false prophetic utterances. These false prophetic operations will release defilement and discredit true prophetic ministry.
There will be a strong prophetic release that will make a way for restoring God’s apostolic government within local churches. There will be a separation of true prophets from deceived prophets into different companies leading to a prophetic confrontation with foreign spirits of divination such as Jezebel and Baal.

Spiritual confrontation within prophetic ministry is historic. Examples include Micaiah, Elijah and Jeremiah. Micaiah contended with King Ahab’s prophets, Elijah and Jeremiah battled the prophets of Jezebel and Baal. The Apostle Paul and Barnabas also confronted Elymas the sorcerer who withstood them at Paphos. The true will always face-off against the false. Jeremiah’s prophetic ministry is an example of that face-off. His apostolic assignment and prophetic confrontation took place because the prophetic ministers of his day:

Failed to address sin
Pursued idols
Concentrated on amassing personal wealth
Pursued power, status and prestige
Did nothing to turn the people from sin toward God
Led the people of God astray

Because of neglect of God’s house and self-centered idolatry in the land, God anointed Jeremiah to oppose an erring prophetic movement that was leading people astray. Let’s take a look.“Mine heart within me is broken because of the prophets; all my bones shake; I am like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine hath overcome, because of the Lord, and because of the words of his holiness.” (Jeremiah 23:9)Jeremiah, speaking by the Spirit of God said, “My heart is broken because of the prophets.” Notice he didn’t say false prophets. The word prophet means prophetic voice. In other words, Jeremiah’s heart was broken because of the false prophetic operations of these wayward prophets. We can see the anointing of the Spirit on him as he shakes under the power of God. He looked like a “drunken man.” This shaking is an indication of the powerful anointing that engulfed him. He had the Word of the Lord in his mouth and was made ready to address the prophets in the land. A prophetic showdown was about to take place. prophetic ministry can’t avoid spiritual confrontations with worldliness, carnal Christianity and faux prophetic operations. This is part of prophetic ministry. Scripture says God seeks for a voice that “calls for justice and pleads for truth” (Isaiah 59:4). Prophetic ministers answer that call.

Let’s review Jeremiah’s confrontation with sullied prophets. Remember, this is the same prophet that God called to root out, pull down, destroy and throw down (Jeremiah 1:10). Let’s see that calling in action because you may face the same battles.The Spirit of God said “the land was full of adulterers.” An adulterer is an unfaithful spouse. Serving God in spirit and truth is serving Him from a pure heart. One becomes a spiritual adulterer by putting something, someone or something foreign between them and God, even their ministries. “For the land is full of adulterers; for because of swearing the land mourneth; the pleasant places of the wilderness are dried up, and their course is evil, and their force is not right.” (Jeremiah 23:10) Abandoning God for something or someone else is committing spiritual adultery. God said these adulterers were evil and their acts erring. As their corruption continued without interruption the nation became full of adulterers, the land mourned and the people lacked true spiritual revelation of God. “What brought about this corruption,” you ask? It happened because the people became apathetic, self-centered, and idolatrous.
During Jeremiah’s confrontation the heavens were brazen because the prophets and priests led people away from God. The consequences for the nation was grave, the heavens became as brass. Spiritual climates are affected by the actions of prophets, priests and inhabitants of the land. Sin, rebellion and idolatry will harden spiritual climates. Scripture says, “And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass…” (Deuteronomy 28:23). You are probably familiar with the list of blessings in the book of Deuteronomy including blessing and prosperity but this verse makes it clear the heavens turn as brass for the disobedient. As a prophet you understand spiritual climates. Those who have ministered in various meetings notice big differences in spiritual climates. Some churches are wonderful to preach in having open heavens, while others are hard as stones with closed heavens. A brazen heaven is a spiritual climate that must be plowed through strong intercession, confronting sin and living right. Hard heavens are the result of:

Demonic influence
Strong territorial spirits
Evil principalities and powers
Practicing idolatry
Upholding deceitful doctrines of devils
Legalism, self-righteousness and hypocrisy

Hard heavens have little, if any, revelation. When you pray hard heavens feel like your prayers hit the ceiling and fall back into your lap. When you prophesy the words come out of your mouth and seem to fall to the ground. Not only are the heavens hardened because of sin and idolatry but spiritual strength and maturity is hindered too.“…the earth under you shall be as iron.” (Deuteronomy 28:23) When the earth is like iron nothing grows. The land was defiled because of the fruit of sin and the ministry of deceived prophets. Where there is no growth there is can be no spiritual maturity in the people. Prophets are the ministry gifts called to war against principalities and powers in the heavens. To win those battles, however, requires spiritual confrontations with opposing spirits even within prophetic circles.

Every nation, including North America must beware the fruits of idolatry and sin caused by rebellion. When prayer was removed from our public schools June 25th, 1962, for example, the alternative was lawlessness. Whenever one rejects what comes from God they have to live with the opposite. If they don’t want the Prince of Peace they get the prince of calamity. The same holds true in prophetic ministry. If true prophets don’t guard the prophetic ministry the Church will suffer under the whoredoms of Jezebel and the merchandising prophets of Baalim.

God revealed to Jeremiah that His house was full of wicked prophets, priests and corrupted ministers. Surely this grieved the man of God. Scripture says,“For both prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:11) The word “profane” means soiled, polluted, defiled and corrupted. These prophets and priests crossed God’s holy threshold and entered the dark side. A threshold is the divider between two rooms. When you walk through a doorway there is a metal or wooden threshold on the floor that separates one side of the room from the other. There is a spiritual threshold that is a separation between the Holy and the unholy. When one is profaned they have stepped across the threshold of holiness and entered the realm of the wicked. This scripture teaches that some prophets morally abandoned holy operations and crossed the boundary from holy living into prophetic defilement. Both prophets and priests were living in sin but they didn’t quit the ministry. Their sullied lives hindered God’s plan for them, the Church and released spiritual divination into the land. This is the environment that the spirit of Jezebel and false prophets flourish. This is the spiritual climate God sent Jeremiah. As a prophet you may face the same.From studying this we discover two different prophetic operations. First, we see that Jeremiah was very different from the other prophets in the land. Jeremiah managed to live a holy life whereas the others fell into sin and idolatry. Second, we discover there were true prophetic operations and false prophetic operations in the land. It’s interesting that God never addresses the erring as false prophets instead He focuses on their prophetic operations. The true prophetic operation released blessing and the false corruption. Jehovah didn’t turn his back on His Church. He prophesied to the corrupted ministers.“Wherefore their way will be to them as slippery ways in the darkness: they will be driven on, and fall therein: for I will bring evil on them, even the year of their visitation, saith the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:12) God pronounced that these prophets would have “slippery ways” and lack true spiritual discernment because of their corrupted lifestyles. They had no spiritual insight because they were walking in darkness having defiled themselves. Spiritual darkness opened the way for foolishness.“And I have seen folly in the prophets… .” (Jeremiah 23:13) “Folly” is acting rash, stupid, foolish, senseless and lacking common sense. These prophets sounded spiritual, looked the part, had the prophetic buzzwords, yet were void of biblical soundness, stability and discretion. They acted foolishly and lacked spiritual and emotional balance in their lives. Their idolatry produced amoral behavior that caused them to lose true spiritual discernment and right prophetic operations. The problem was the average person didn’t know these prophets were not speaking the truth. This can happen today if prophets get caught up in the glitz and glamour of celebrity Christianity. Satan waits for opportunities to entice both prophet and priest by seductions for public attention, admiration from men and the deception of earthly riches. Others are deceived because they seek the supernatural rather than Christ our Savior.

God revealed the finale of their contaminated state, they prophesied by another spirit. He told Jeremiah, “…they prophesy by Baal and caused my people to go astray.” (Jeremiah 23:13)“If they were prophesying by another spirit why didn’t the people turn away from these ministers,” you ask? It’s because many good people don’t know the Word of God good enough to tell the difference. If the delivery or mannerisms of the minister appear spiritual they let their guard down and don’t judge the biblical accuracy of the message. We have this problem in the Church today and it’s getting worse every day.Because of God’s love for people he sent Jeremiah to deal with deceived prophets. Can you imagine Jeremiah telling these prophets they were prophesying by a foreign spirit? Could you do that? Baal is a spirit of divination. A true prophet of God will not allow people to go astray. Even if their heart is not open to God’s representative, he will speak to them without compromise and out of a right spirit. True prophets are not trying to win the fancy of men rather they are actively pursuing the approval of God. Jeremiah was one of God’s faithful prophets sent to confront corrupted voices who were ministering to God’s people by another spirit.

Every move of God, outpouring, time of refreshing and relevant truth for a particular generation has battled its own particular demonic resistance. To stop the prophetic ministry the enemy must interpose a counterfeit, something that looks and sounds like Christ’s true prophetic ministry but is not. Satan is the master deceiver and knows ancient weapons of seduction needed to deceive all save the most mature and discerning.
The devil will oppose prophetic ministry with a release of faux prophets speaking with mystical voices.
There will be a separation of true prophets from false prophets into different companies leading to a prophetic confrontation with foreign spirits of divination such as Jezebel and Baal.

Spiritual confrontation within prophetic ministry is historic. Examples include Micaiah, Elijah and Jeremiah.
prophetic ministry can’t avoid spiritual confrontations with worldliness, carnal Christianity and false prophetic operations. A brazen heaven is a spiritual climate that must be plowed through strong intercession, militant preaching and right living. Baal is the spirit of divination.

by Jonas Clark


Spiritual Warfare

Satan’s Master Plan to Penetrate Your Ear

Understand this – your chief adversary and opponent will stop at nothing to block you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny. Don’t be so naive to think that a luke warm relationship with the Lord is enough to protect you from satan’s devices. He has been on his game from the beginning of human civilization. And if you think a mediocre prayer life, a non existent Word life, and a half hearted devotion to the Father is going to protect you, think again. When a hedge (protection) is broken, the serpent will bite (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

Satan hates you, everything about you. He hates your family, your sources of income, your possessions, and everything else about you there is. He hates your hair, your teeth, your toenails; everything about you. He will seduce you with the sweetest and kindest words to lure you in and when he has you it will take the anointing of God to destroy his yokes of bondage. Anyone who comes to you to convince you away from the destined plan of God for your life is working as a human agent for satan. You can call them friend, mom, dad, sister or brother, pastor or prophet. It doesn’t matter. Jesus said that His family were the ones who did the will of the His Father. Check yourself…who is around you telling you what you WANT to hear and you know your OWN STUFF is jacked up? You had better wise up real quick and realize that a trap has been set to ensnare you and detour you from your prophetic destiny. I don’t care whose voice has been trying to penetrate your ear, if it does not align with the Word of God for your life, remove it.


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The Spiritual Place in Prayer Called, Nevertheless

I had some things on my heart that no one could help me with but my Heavenly Father. I took a drive out about 4am this morning while the house was asleep and I drove in silence for a while to ponder what to say to my King. Finally, the utterance came and I released my heart unto the Lord. I made my petitions known and inquired of His wisdom but by the end of my prayer I noticed that the Lord was still quiet. Usually I can sense when He has heard my prayer and I can walk away from my prayer altar with the confidence in knowing that He has heard me but this time was different. It was still quiet. Then I said aloud with tears stinging my eyes, “Nevertheless, Lord! If You don’t do……, I am fine. I won’t change. I won’t stop and I won’t become bitter about it either.” Before I could barely finish that sentence, the power of God filled my vehicle. I felt His presence so strong that I had to stop my car, get out, and walk around. Even when I returned to the car, I could only sit there in awe. It was about 5am by this time and I was stuck in the glorious presence of God in a parking lot on the side of the road unable to move.

I say this to encourage you. Some of you have been praying for matters that are detrimental to your life and those around you but there is a place of prayer that you may not yet entered. That spiritual place is called, Nevertheless. It is that place Jesus found in prayer when He made the decision to follow the plan of God regardless to whether the Father changed His mind or not. It is that place where IF the Lord does not perform the thing you’ve inquired of Him, it still won’t stop you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny in Him. It is that place where ‘though He slays you, you will keep trusting Him.’ It is the ‘not my will, let Yours be done’ place in the realm of the Spirit.

I found a place in prayer this morning called, Nevertheless. And even though I don’t see the immediate result of being in that place, I do know by faith that I found a grace there from the Father to sustain me in the season to come.


Spiritual Warfare

Intercessors: Man the Gates Against Marine Spirits

For the past two weeks I have seen nothing but report after report of teens drowning in our area. I don’t know if any other intercessors and watchmen are picking this up but we need to band together to pray against marine spirits that our young people are being sacrificed to. I say this all the time, the GATES need to be watched. I even wrote a book on it, is anybody listening? We cannot sit by, be deep and stiff with religion while the news reporters are more vigilant than the intercessors. Get on post. Stop these marine spirits from swallowing our children alive. Call for the vigilance in parents and authority figures to not be distracted by the cares of this life while the enemy drowns the next generation. Miriam, the prophetic intercessor and watchman was on her post as Moses was put to water. She followed him to make certain he arrived to his destination safely. We need the watchful eyes of Miriam as our children swim this summer in Jesus name. We bind every marine spirit that calls our children deep into the water to sacrifice them there in Jesus name. Let our children live and live on in Jesus name.
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Nehemiah – The Apostle Before His Time

Nehemiah represented the building anointing of the apostle in his time. Tobias and Sanballat are still at work today trying with everything they can to distract and destroy the work of the Lord with foolishness and nonsense. Every apostle who is unsure of their call needs to study that book. Nehemiah built as Ezra the prophet prophesied. Even in the OT, you see the apostle/prophet foundation for building. He did the work and those WHOSE HEARTS THE LORD TOUCHED worked alongside him. He didn’t manipulate them, he didn’t prophesy to them, and he didn’t control them. God gave his building partners the heart and mind to work and to give to his work because He was reBUILDING THE TEMPLE. Not his, but the Lord’s. It was all to God’s glory.

When we learn to chase the word instead of chasing the glory, the glory cloud will actually surround us because there is enough water in our river bellies to attract God’s presence. Nowadays, folk are hung on up on an experience and left off from studying the Holy scriptures and the rivers …run…..dry…..

Spiritual Warfare

Why Hyssop?

“Purge me with hyssop”, David prayed. Why hyssop? David was called to the carpet for his sins with Bathsheba by Nathan, the prophet. He then confessed and went into prayer. But why hyssop? Hyssop was used as a detergent to cleanse the Temple. It’s woodsy stalks made strong bunches that were used to apply the blood of lambs on the doors of the Israelites during Egypt’s woe. It was used again to hold the vinegar and gall saturated sponge used to quench Jesus’ thirst during His crucifixion. But most of all, hyssop is an herb used to relieve stress, anxiety, and clear the mind. David was ravished with Bathsheba’s love that he not only needed to be cleansed spiritually, he needed his mind washed and renewed. He needed a mental overhaul.
The stronger the desire is for something you should not have, the more yearning we need in prayer to ask for the deliverance that totally sets us free from the thing that binds us. David knew that repenting was not enough to clear his mind and spirit from the effect that Bathsheba had upon him. He needed strong deliverance. He needed purging, washing, cleansing, and sanctifying. This goes to show you that sexual sin is indeed a very strong demon to contend with. David’s sexual appetite for Bathsheba was so strong that he killed to have her as his own and to protect his secret of his love for her. His plea goes to show many of us that certain acts are like spiders that form webs to keep us entangled. And if we don’t sincerely cry out for deliverance like David did, the raging sexual appetite may never be quenched unless God puts out the fire and smolders the flames Himself.