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Wisdom Keys in Relationships

Wisdom Keys of Life: When you’ve reached out to someone you care about and they do not respond, you’ve got your answer for the moment.Often in relationships we pursue people for whatever reason sometimes we are only left with the fact that you tried to reach out, proceed with your life and don’t keep hurting yourself. By: Apostle Ivory Hopkins• Relationships can only be made by two participants • With offences true or false that’s were their mind is at the moment• Your reaching out to them at least left the door for them to come in• If they don’t keep them in your prayers and proceed with what you have responses and control over.• To walk in the high calling of life you can’t stay camped out in situations that’s going nowhere.Families and relationship have a lot of issues and I have learned that you can’t fix everything, all you can do is put forth your best afford and move on because you know you did.Someone needed this Wisdom Key of Life to help them cope I am still working on my new book: Wisdom Keys of Practical Life
Authored by Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

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Disconnect or Connect

Seasons of connecting and seasons of disconnecting are both vitally important. Sometimes, you can’t connect to your set person until you DISconnect from another set person. Some people cannot co-exist in your life simultaneously without causing confusion, unrest, and ultimately stunted growth. Sometimes, you have to make a hard decision and stand by it with everything in you, especially when you have heard God’s voice on the matter. For some, there is no more hopscotch; choose and then stand by your choice.


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The Sin of Spiritual Arrogance

Let us learn to not become what I call ‘spiritually arrogant’. There will be revelations and understandings that the Lord will reveal to us that some may never receive. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love God or even that they’re deceived; they are just ignorant in that area like you were at some point. That does not give you the right to look down your nose at them or to point fingers at their ignorance. Your role then is to become their teacher, if you have that influence, or to pray that God raises up a teacher for them. Consider the fact that before you received your ‘revelation’, you were in the dark too. Now that you have found this ‘jewel of knowledge’, use it to teach others not beat others.
The Bible says that knowledge puffs up. It tends to swell your pride and ego if it not used in its proper context. A thing to notice about the religious rulers of their day is that they used the Bible to brow beat others. They even tried to beat Jesus with it. What God has given you is a gift of understanding in that area. Honor the Giver by handling it appropriately. Know the difference between someone walking in error and someone who is ignorant to a thing. Pray for them. Ask the Father to grant them understanding the same way that someone prayed it for you.
Let me say this too. A quick way to fall flat on your face is to operate in foolish pride. Remember, you are no better than anyone else. God loves you and the person next to you the same though your responsibilities may be different. Don’t ever lift yourself up to cast someone else down. Pride goes before the fall. Humble yourself and walk soft before the Lord. Consider yourself lest you also be tempted.
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Don’t Move Without God

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Pray for direction.. Pray for guidance…Pray for insight. Do you know how many people jump start their day without acknowledging the Lord? How do you expect God’s favor on a day that you haven’t crowned Him in? In terms of your money. Pray for direction. Ask the Father what is on HIS heart for your increase. There is a devouring spirit across the land consuming the increase of GOD’S people because they haven’t acknowledged Him. Caterpillars, Cankerworms, and Palmerworms are roaming the earth consuming certain harvests. This must be stopped. 1 Tim. 1:12 says, The Lord is committed to keeping that which has been entrusted to Him. Some people receive tremendous financial breakthroughs and before they can enjoy it, a devouring spirit comes to consume it because they did not acknowledge the Lord.
Listen, crown the Lord as King in every area of your life. Seek Him and let Him be found of you. Don’t make a move without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I gave a word to one young lady that, “When you receive your next breakthrough, hold your check for seven days and fast over it. The enemy has plans to consume your finance through unnecessary spending, repairs, and bread eaters. God expects you to prove your stewardship over His blessing.”
If the Lord takes no interest in your endeavors, the enemy has full access to it. Os Hilman says it like this, “it is important for us to know whether we have God’s hand upon our endeavors. Presumption leads to failure. God’s favor leads to success. Ask God to confirm His hand on your endeavors.”
…”If Your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here” (Exodus 33:15). Don’t move without God.
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Pain Traffickers

There are people whom I call ‘pain traffickers’ who thrive upon the business of being there when someone is going through a tragedy in their life. They are not consolers with a pure heart, though. Instead, like a leech feeding off of blood, pain traffickers feed off the pain of others. They get a ‘high’ from being needed. This mostly stems from being rejected in their own life and they are seeking a place of prominence in the lives of others. Now, pain traffickers aren’t usually accepted by the average person because they are relatively ordinary people, but to those who are in pain, they become a ‘savior’ of sort, guiding the afflicted person through their pain under the guise of being sincere when in all truth, they want to be involved in your life during your most weakest and vulnerable moments. They pretend to care but are gathering intel about you to use at some later point. When you emerge from your pain and walk away from them in the strength of your healing, they cling on to the person they found you to be. They won’t accept the rehabilitated you and will constantly remind you of how broken you were, how you need time to heal, and that they are still there for you.

A person with the gift of healing functions completely opposite of a pain trafficker. First, we must assume that the gift of healing is not limited to the physical realm, but to the mind and spirit as well. A person gifted with healing will indeed provide stability when you are in your place of pain but they won’t use it to enslave you. They will pray with you, counsel with you, encourage you, and provide resources for you to become whole again. Once you are healed, they realize that their season in your life is over. Just as a doctor releases you from their care when your condition has improved, so does the person with the gift of healing. When you are able to stand on your own, handle your own stuff, and move past your pain, the healer moves on to make themselves available to others. They may check in on you from time to time, but for the most part, they have moved on. A pain trafficker, on the other hand, is not so. Once they become a part of your life, they are there to stay unless you insist otherwise. There is a counterfeit for everything holy. A pain trafficker is a counterfeit of a person with the gift of healing. Equip yourself on this wise and watch accordingly.


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Moving in the Cloud of God

In his Sunday morning message, my husband made reference to the people of God who don’t move when the cloud of God moves. The cloud of God represents His glory, His anointing and it is expedient that the people understand that our God is a God of movement and timing. What has stunted many of us in the faith is that we have missed the movement of the cloud. We have camped ourselves out in a matter and some of us have been on that same camp site for so long that we have become comfortable, stubborn, and resistant to change. When the cloud of God moved, Israel moved. They kept their eyes on the movements of the Lord and followed the Lord where He led them.
You will miss your hour of visitation when you become comfortable in who you are because you won’t perceive the reason to change. You will miss your hour of visitation when you become relaxed because you are too comfortable to move. When a person is comfortable and relaxed in who they are and God brings change, they fight. Why? Because you are tampering with their comfort.
Jesus said in John 5:19, “I assure you: The Son is not able to do anything on His own, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, the Son also does these things in the same way.”

Jesus knew the movements of the Lord. He knew the cloud of God and wherever God was, He went. It didn’t matter to him whether He had to confront devils, human agents of devils, the sick, the dead, or the immoral. If God moved in a certain area, Jesus followed pursuit. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why are we still here….when God is ….there? Let us discipline our spirits to follow the Lord wherever He leads us. Let us remain open to change. Let us have an ear to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church.


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Three Levels of Intimacy in Friendship

It is essential to have friends. In Christianity, we mostly view one another as sister or brother and though those handles are fine, there is still the need for friendship. One can be a sister and not be a friend; likewise, one can be a brother and not a friend. How many natural siblings do you have whom you don’t communicate with on a regular basis yet you are still related? The same applies in the Body of Christ; there are siblings and there are siblings and friends. Why is it important to foster friendship? God answers that question by stating that is not good for man to be alone. In other words, the Lord created us with a need for companionship.
You are not alone bearing a testimony of being hurt by a friend. We all have experienced it and some of are walking in that corridor of pain right now.  The enemy of our destiny will use the hurt and betrayal of friendship to his advantage. He will amplify those negative feelings and lure us away into seclusion that we shy away from trusting a friend ever again. What we must realize is that we will have moments in our lives when we want to back away from friendships and for certain friendships, yes those seasons will end; however, that is not to say that we will never enjoy the intimacy of friendship again.
With a friendship should come an understanding that you we are still dealing with man. All of mankind is subject to fail. Each of us is subject to error; therefore, even in our friendships, the wholeness of our trust and confidence should be in the Lord, not in our friend. Could it be also that we place too much of a demand on a friend whereas that demand should be placed upon the Lord? Whenever you expect too much from a person, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Strong friendships thrive when there is an understanding of accepting the person for who they are. You must accept their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Some of us can’t handle another person’s weaknesses yet we celebrate their strengths.  When we expect a person to show strength all the time, we are placing too high of an expectation of them for even Jesus had moments of weakness.
Jesus demonstrated three levels of intimacy in relationship. He had the three (His inner circle), the twelve (those He mentored), and the multitudes (those who came to listen but were distant in relationship with Him). We can infer from His example that even in our friendships that there three levels of intimacy; those whom we refer to as our best friends, those whom we refer to as close friends, and others who are associates, distant friends. Once we categorize our friendships, it gives each group a distinction that helps us to identify how we proceed. There are things you can share with one group that you may not be able to share with another. There are things you can expect from one group that you may cannot from another because the levels of intimacy are different.
Here is what I hear the Lord to us as it pertains to our friendships.

We all need friends but friendship requires sacrifice as in any relationship. We should not expect from a friend what we are unwilling to give in exchange for friendships are mutual and not one sided. He that desires friends must show himself friendly. Open your heart to friendship but remember to give your whole heart to the Lord. Friendship, as in any relationship, bears certain risks, but know that you were created for companionship. God will empower you for friendship and deliver you when it comes time for separation. Don’t shy away from making friends for each person God brings in your life serves a purpose. When you withdraw yourself from making friends based on past hurts, you rob yourself of a fulfillment that your new friend can offer you. The Lord will show you who to accept as friend and in which category they will fit. Listen to Him and follow His directives. Give your friends permission to be human and forgive them when they sin against you whether the sin was intentional or not. The same mercy you show them will be returned to you in your time of despair. Enjoy the beauty this life has to offer and enjoy it with friends who will come to you from all walks of life.


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Lions Sent to Disobedient Prophets

There was prophet being mightily used of the Lord and one day he decided to listen to the voice of an old prophet who spoke contrary to things the Lord revealed to him. Instead of trusting the word of the Lord as it came directly to him, because of this old prophet’s reputation for bringing the word, he lent him his ear and followed his voice. As soon as the prophets finished dining together, the old prophet informed his younger counterpart that he was in error for listening to him and consequently would lose his life because of it. Sure enough, on his way home, the younger prophet met a lion who killed him and stood beside his carcass as onlookers passed by. The old prophet buried the younger prophet and thus was the end of the young prophet’s ministry.
There is a lesson in this. When you have been hearing the Lord’s voice of a truth and all of a sudden here comes someone with a ‘word’ that goes completely against what YOU know you heard the Lord tell you, you have a decision to make. First, if the mantle was upon the old prophet to speak the word of the Lord why did He call you? Secondly, don’t ever flatter yourself by taking the words of someone with a noble name over what you heard the Lord speak personally to you. Thirdly, when you know better and don’t do better, your chastisement is more severe because your standard of obedience is supposed to higher and stricter than the ones who weren’t called. More is required of you because you have the potential to accomplish more.
Of all the animals sent to destroy this disobedient prophet, a lion was sent his way. A lion represents a devouring spirit. Remember, satan comes ‘as’ a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. In other words, what spirit is released from heaven against disobedient prophets? Devouring spirits.

Consider this the next time you choose to listen to man and disregard the voice of the Lord. Don’t blame the enemy when things begin to consume away in your life. It is a lion sent from the Lord, a devouring spirit on assignment against your disobedience to warn others not to follow in your footsteps. When the Lord of all Glory speaks, listen and obey.


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The Abbreviated Ministry of Jonah

Many know of the account of Jonah, but here is what I propose to stir your hearts through the studying of his ministry. Noah’s prophetic ministry was limited because of his disobedience and rebellion. He had one opportunity to minister and even then his heart was not upright before the Lord. Here is something that all ministers need to understand, especially the prophetic ones.

You may not like the people you are sent to. They may not like you. You may not care for the work the Lord has assigned you to because you don’t feel as if the people are on your level but who are you to question the Lord about the assignments He gives you? Just as the Lord has chosen you, He could have very easily chosen someone else. The reason He chose you is because He knows you have ‘heart’ issues with ‘those people’ and He is using that assignment to circumcise your heart. He knows that you are going to kick your way through it, suck your teeth, roll your eyes, and even attempt to run backwards before you get a clue about what you are supposed to be doing. And if you don’t get yourself together by the time for that ministry assignment, you won’t have to worry about a second time to get it right because there may not be a second chance for you to make another mess.

Even after confining Jonah to the ‘prison’ in the belly of the fish, Jonah preached and still had an attitude. Do you know what the issue was? He didn’t really have the heart to see people delivered. As long as he could choose the message, the people, and the timing, he would have been fine but to be assigned to heathens was repulsive to him and he disdained it. Since when are you supposed to enjoy every assignment given you in the Kingdom of God? Who said it was supposed to be fun? Who said that you would laugh yourself all the way to the bank? Whoever told you that lied. The Lord never chooses something for you to advance His Kingdom based upon your liking and your preference. This is not a democracy. The Kingdom of God is theocratically ruled. That means either you do it, or someone else will.

Sadly in the case of Jonah, the prophet of God, he will go down in history as the minister who preached one service. Yes, though Nineveh repented during his time, God didn’t reward him for it because his heart was still hardened against the people and even against God at one point. He had one chance to demonstrate the prophetic ministry in his life and that’s all he could handle. Some people can’t handle revival after revival or crusade after crusade because their hearts are impure. They get one chance to minister and after that God resigns them to a desert place because their character can’t afford another opportunity to represent the Father to His people.


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My Time Has Not Yet Come

Mary pulled on Jesus’ anointing to produce wine but He responded to her that His “time had not yet come”. For us to be a people who claim to be like Jesus, there are many who have stumbled at this verse of scripture. Jesus fully understood His ministry assignment. He knew the who, what, where, and when of what He was supposed to do. He was unwilling to let anyone, including his family, derail Him from the “joy that was set before Him.” First of all, Jesus was a guest. It wasn’t His responsibility to provide wine for the wedding party. Second of all, He had not been released by Holy Spirit into public ministry yet. Therefore, in frustrated obedience to His mother, He turned water into wine for the guests but the head waiter did not know the source of the miracle because Jesus was not ready to be made known publicly yet.

May we learn a few lessons from the miracle at Cana.  Know when it’s your turn. Know when it’s your time to do a thing. Solomon taught us that there is a time for every purpose under the sun. Many are frustrated because someone told them it’s ‘their time and season’ but the Lord did not authorize that word. Because of that, you find many believers putting their hands to certain things backed up by a contaminated prophetic word and causing shipwreck in their lives. Jesus knew His time. Whether Mary understood it or not was not His problem. He performed the miracle because there was a pressing demand but He made sure that no one except the servants knew what took place. It wasn’t time for people to notice Him. It wasn’t time for the applause and accolades. He was still being processed for the work set before Him and He was not willing to let His mother or anyone else push Him out of His place of grace.

Don’t let people push you past the place where God has graced you. Go to the Father for yourself to determine your times and seasons so you don’t fall into deception by virtue of what someone has told you. If you have the Holy Spirit, let Him be your compass in life. Learn to hear the voice of the Father and hearken to that instead of all of these other voices in the wind. And if there is a sincere demand on you to do a thing, do it, and then get back in the shadows until it’s your full turn.