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Tag!! You’re Not IT!

As a kid, I remember we played a game called, Duck, Duck, Goose. In this game, the children would sit Indian style in a circle and the ‘point’ person would run around the outside of the circle yelling, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” The person who was selected as the ‘goose’ would jump up as the next ‘point’ person and repeat the process.
It was a fun game that entertained us for hours as children but when we see this ‘game’ infiltrate the church, we need to ‘tag’ it and remove it from our midst. How does this game work in the church? Well, you have one ‘set person’ who stands over a crowd of unsuspecting people who randomly assigns titles in the Body of Christ. “Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist!” “Tag, I see a calling on your life!” Then the ‘selected person’ jumps up, assumes the ‘tag’ and goes about their own circle repeating the process.
Duck, Duck, Goose worked fine on the playground but it has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ. Remain in your ‘seat’ until someone FILLED with the Spirit of God who has the gift, unction, and grace to raise you up in that ‘set place’ and has the watch for your soul CONFIRMS what the Lord has already impregnated within you. This is not a game folks. You don’t get special prizes and balloons in Heaven for commissioning the most apostles and prophets. In fact, it’s the soul winners crown that we all should attain unto and you don’t get that from being in church 24/7, hosting a million conferences, and printing the most fabulous flyers. You get that from hitting the streets and roaming the hedges and highways. Heaven doesn’t rejoice over another apostle, Heaven rejoices when souls are delivered from the snares of satan.
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Integrity in Leadership is a MUST!

Buckle up because we are going for bumpy ride…..

Many of ‘us’ were pimps and hustlers in the world before the Lord saved us. This is why we can recognize it when we see it in the church. Game recognizes game so when someone brings something ‘familiar’ in your atmosphere, you know what time it really is beyond what they try to tell you. I am going to be as discreet as I can because I don’t want anyone to get offended BEFORE you finish this message because there is a lot of this going on in the Body of Christ and it’s time to pin the tail on the donkey.

When you are guest speaker in someone’s church, that is who you are, a guest. You are not the pastor, overseer, Bishop, or whatever is the flavor of the day. You were brought in by the church to bring a word of edification, exhortation, or whatever. the spiritual need is. Your role as a guest is to deliver the word, receive your offering for your labor in the word, and go back to your respective place. You don’t build a congregation off of the backs of someone else’s labor in ministry. You don’t call the members of the guest church, you don’t inbox them for favors for your ministry, and you don’t undermine your host pastors. Not only is that distasteful and disrespectful, it clearly shows that you lack integrity as a guest speaker.

Here is where the root of the problem is. Apostles never build on another man’s foundation. They don’t build networks of spiritual sons and daughters by pulling the naive ones away with sugary laced prophecy and using them to enlarge their ‘gate’. That is not fruit of apostolic ministry. Apostles are pioneers, trench diggers who build with their own tools. Apostles are tent makers. In other words, they build their own houses with their own hands, not using the hands of someone else and claiming credit as their own.

Integrity is lacking in a lot of leaders these days as they go about wiping their mouths as if no one can notice that they are fleecing the sheep. Game recognizes game. A hustler knows a fellow hustler. If you need your bills paid, get a job but don’t hustle the church. If you need spiritual sons and daughters, be a spiritual parent and the Lord will send them to you. You don’t have to chase what belongs to you. As I shared in class last night, Elijah never chased Elisha and Jesus never chased His apostles so where does this ‘call me and check in with me’ mess comes from? I have never ever had to chase anyone who was truly called to be my son or daughter in the faith. I never had to co-sign anyone’s mess to get them to join my ‘harem’ and I never fraternize with folk who run down their former leader. I never spoke at anyone’s church as a guest speaker and held private meetings with their people. I never asked them for money, to join my ministry, or to even buy my book. That is NOT integrity in ministry as a leader, that is what a church hustler does.

For these reasons, among many more, there are many who will never again darken the pulpit of the church the Lord gave me and my husband the oversight of because we have found them to be hustlers. And it is my sincerest prayer, that millions of leaders around the globe begin opening their eyes to who they allow to speak into the lives of their people. As a leader, I am just as responsible for allowing a person to fleece my sheep as if I had done it myself. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Stand up and be counted as as shepherd after God’s own heart and quit running your game.

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Obedience is NOT a Question for Prophetic Ministry

To say that prophets are people of strict obedience is an understatement. When the Lord told Moses to build a tabernacle, Moses fully cooperated with the Lord and carried out every detail of its construction. From the drapes, brazen furniture, types of offerings, and the five- fold combination of the holy anointing oil, Moses executed the order of the Lord in the fullness. When God told Noah to build an ark, the prophet Noah preached and built simultaneously while the people of his day foolishly stood by. David, the prophet and apostle of his time, received God’s heart to build a temple and while he was not permitted to personally construct it, he not only gave his son directions to build but gave him more than enough resources and provisions to see to the job’s completion.

Many of our day proclaim to be prophets but obedience is a characteristic that is lacking in their lives. The Lord has to tell them the same thing over and over, and instead of calling it a stern rebuke, they call it a ‘confirmation.’ In scriptures, the Lord never had to ‘confirm’ His word to them, when the Lord spoke, the holy prophets of God moved. Prophets knew the voice of God and if He had to speak a thing twice, it wasn’t to confirm, it was to establish what He said as law. If He told them to walk naked, they obeyed. If He told them to not grieve over the loss of a loved one, they obeyed. If He told them to preach to a stiff necked generation, they obeyed and if one, such as in the case of Noah, decided to take their own route, they would soon find that the Lord’s will always prevails.

It was Samuel the holy prophet of God who said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fatness of rams.” Who understands obedience to the prophetic voice of God more than the prophet? And if someone calls themselves a prophet and yet lack this most important fruit of prophetic ministry, one has to wonder… Prophet Delisa Lindsey-

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Jesus Gives Boundaries – Anybody listening?

Jesus gave the apostles clear directions as He ascended. “Wait here until you receive the Holy Ghost”. Then He gave them boundaries for their ministry. First Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria, and then to the nations. There was something they needed to experience in each of those places before they were released to minister in the next place. Today’s generation of preachers run straight pass Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and head for the nations. Going to the nations does not establish your ministry no more than going to church make you a Christian. And if you have not faithfully completed your ministry assignments in your own personal Jerusalem, Judea, or Samaria, I don’t care which prophet told you that you were ready for the nations, they lied. Jesus gave you boundaries in your ministry and you don’t pass ‘go’ until you successfully complete each ministry assignment. God is a God of order.
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Letter to a Father or Naw…

Father’s Day is right around the corner and boy, oh boy, will there be mixed feelings and emotions. Some will celebrate the men in their lives who have been loyal, faithful, and committed husbands and fathers. Others will remember their fathers who have deceased this life. Some will celebrate the love of a doting father and dad. And others will feel resentment towards the man who seeded them into this life but didn’t father them in this life. My personal thoughts on this is silent for many reasons but publicly I say this, if you are a father, understand who you truly are. You are more than 5 minutes late at night. You are more than a baby daddy. You are more than a sperm donor. The moments you took to impregnate a woman should have changed your life forever. Shame on you if you abandoned that responsibility and mercy for the child that had to grow up in the absence of the man who gave them life but couldn’t help sustain it. Fathers, those of you who truly fathers, there is a blessing with your name on it for standing beside your families through the thick and thin. There is a blessing for providing and working hard to ensure your families have the best. There is a blessing for returning home every evening or for keeping tabs with your children if circumstances prevent you from seeing them everyday. Our nation, our society needs more fathers and less baby daddies. Babies don’t stay babies for long. They don’t need daddies, when babies get grown, they need FATHERS.

Fathers are teachers of their children. They teach them how to work, how to drive, how to care for a home, and how to behave. Fathers teach their daughters to be ladies and their sons to be men. They are solid figures in their children’s lives and when they are missing, that child suffers the loss. If you are not ready to be a father, put a hat on it, otherwise when your seed develops, STAY THERE AND HELP CULTIVATE IT.

Blessings to the man who is a Father to his children, in deed, not in name only. My hats off to every father. You deserve a day filled with love, gifts, and best wishes. You deserve to have a Happy Father’s Day. You rock!

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Seven Contrasts Between Fathers and Teachers

The Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 4:15 that we have many teachers but not many fathers in the church. During this Father’s Day season it is important to remember the significant role fathers play in the formation of both their spiritual and biological children. I speak as a person who functions in and understands both roles.
(In most situations when I am speaking outside of my local church I function as a teacher; with pastors and leaders to whom I am assigned I function more as a father with a teaching anointing.)
I realize that we can also make a case for mothering and spiritual mothers. Because I am speaking based on personal experience I will limit my remarks to fathering.
The following are (perhaps exaggerated) generalities to accentuate the different functions of fathers and teachers.
I. Teachers disseminate information; Fathers pour out their lives
The primary function of a teacher is to take the revelation of Scripture and make it practically applicable for everyday living.
While teachers are called primarily to spend time studying and dispensing knowledge and information, fathers are primarily called to pour out their lives to those for whom they are responsible. A father’s primary method of teaching is through modeling excellence and wisdom in one’s life for one’s spiritual children. Fathers go by the adage “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
This is the primary method Paul used to disciple Timothy, his foremost disciple. In a summation of his discipleship method, Paul reminded Timothy of “his way of life” right before his own martyrdom (2 Timothy 4:10-11). Paul defended his apostleship by illustrating his patient endurance in the midst of suffering, not by recounting his greatest sermons (read 2 Corinthians 11:16-32). Also, he not only spent for his children but he expended himself as well (2 Corinthians 12:15).
II. Teachers are motivated by illumination; Fathers are motivated by personal transformation
As a teacher in the body of Christ, I am constantly motivated to learn and understand more about the Scriptures and leadership principles so that I can pass my learning on through writing and preaching. However, when it comes to those in my special circle of people that I am assigned to father, I am more motivated by seeing the teachings bear fruit for personal transformation. I am called to walk with them, correct them, encourage them, and aid them in their life journeys so they will maximize their fullest potential. It is not enough for me to teach those in this group; I need to be available to coach them in their personal lives as well.
III. Teachers search for students; Fathers search for sons and daughters
Teachers enjoy nothing more than being in a room full of hungry students that can pull knowledge, information, and insight out of them. Those wired by God to father only view the classroom as an entree to find potential leaders they can have long-term connections with toward a process of aiding them in their journeys of becoming mature sons and daughters of Christ.
IV. We have many teachers; We do not have many fathers
Though there are countless teachers, mentors, and coaches in the body of Christ who can edify all of us, each person is only assigned one primary father for their life’s journey. For example, in biological families there is only one father and one mother, though a person may have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings who impact their life.
I believe when Paul says this in 1 Corinthians 4:15, he is also referring to the fact that so few saints in the church ever continue to mature enough in the faith so as to take on the role of a spiritual father. Through 30 years of full-time ecclesial ministry I also concur that rare indeed is this function! How sad it is that most of the pastors and leaders in the church try to replace the “way of Jesus and the apostles” with Bible institutes and schools. Formal Bible studies and education will never take the place of the model of nurturing leadership modeled in the Gospels, the Book of Acts, and the epistles. One of the reasons for so much disloyalty and splitting in the church is because of a lack of fathering between senior pastors and their spiritual children, because children will have resentment and rebel against fathers who do not spend time with them.
I believe the primary reason many leaders in the body of Christ die unsatisfied and unfulfilled is because when they look back on their lives they see that they have not left behind a legacy of spiritual children that will carry on their work. Fame, speaking at large conferences, or writing best-selling books will never satisfy a person in old age like having their children around them!
V. Teachers bask in joy at academic success; Fathers enjoy life success
Teachers are thrilled when their students do well in school and become great students of the word. Fathers realize that, just because someone is filled with knowledge and has a great grasp of biblical knowledge, there is no guarantee that person will have a successful personal life and fulfill their mission. John said that he had no greater joy than to find his children walking in the truth–not in his children merely having the truth (2 John 4; 3 John 4).
VI. Teachers have an intellectual connection with their students; Fathers have a heart connection with their children
Teachers are stimulated when they have deep intellectual exchanges with students and congregations while teaching and preaching, or while doing question & answer sessions during informal discussions. They walk away from such encounters extremely satisfied because of the opportunity to dispense their vast knowledge. Fathers are not satisfied with such exchanges unless it also involves a long-term strategy to be involved in a process of pouring their lives into their students. This is because fathers are motivated more by a heart-to-heart connection than an exchange of the minds. Heart-to-heart connections delve into the heart, the mind, the soul, and the emotions of a person; they enable a father to penetrate beyond the surface and into the real life of a son or daughter. While a teacher may get excited when a student screams amen during a great lecture, a father desires to peer into the (compartmentalized) life of a son or daughter with the intent to bring wholeness and integrity, so that their teachings can bear much fruit and bring their children to maturity.
VII. Teachers desire opportunity to teach; Fathers seek opportunity for their sons and daughters to minister
Teachers bask in the opportunity to teach, even to the point where they would do it for nothing if they had to! They are always looking for a platform to get out their vast knowledge through preaching, teaching, blogging, books, CD’s, DVD’s, and all other forms of available media. They gauge their level of success in life by how far and wide their teachings are being heard and received by the masses.  On the other hand, fathers do not gauge their success by the extent of their ministry platform but by the extent of the platform they prepare for their spiritual seed. They take greater pleasure being in the background while those they have poured into are bearing much fruit in the foreground! Instead of living for their 15 minutes of fame they live to wash the feet of their children and committing their lives to their success!
Finally, while many are attempting to preach and teach a message, not too many are willing to live that message out, through those they have spent years coaching into maturity for the maximization of their potential for the glory of God and expansion of His kingdom.
Oh God, give us more fathers! – Joseph Mattera

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Who is God Promoting for Leadership and Who Isn’t?

Note: These days the name ‘preacher’ does not carry with it the integrity that the true meaning requires. Because we are in the last days, scoffers have made a mockery of ministry and have successfuly confused the people as to who God has called and who God has not. The Word of God tells us to inspect the fruit that we can tell the workings of a person beyond what they proclaim. The discerning of spirits must be stronger among us than never before that we are not deceived. – Delisa Lindsey

Scripture is replete with examples of how leaders rise and fall. One of the reasons why I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God is because it so honestly and accurately portrays the plight of human beings regarding their reasons for success and failure. It adequately portrays the dark side of the saints of old and is not like the common biographies of great people in history that are more hagiographic in nature than historic (that is, they don’t reveal the failures of the person).
From what I have observed many, if not most, leaders do not end well. The following reasons have to do with long-lasting success or failure. Some may experience both for a short period of time but not end up that way in the long term.

The following are 11 reasons why leaders are promoted by God for lifelong effectiveness:

I. They are promoted by God to be used by God to complete a particular assignment

God promotes who He chooses (Psalm 75:6-7). There is no other explanation. There are some folks that we know who are very effective and very godly leaders who are not very well known. Then, there are well known leaders who are not very effective or godly. It is a divine mystery to why God gives some people more of a public platform than others. Like Paul said, no person should boast or brag as if they themselves have elevated themselves; everything we have received has come from God. Thus we should not be jealous of others or become worried about the amount of influence we have (Proverbs 3:5-7; 1 Corinthians 4:7; 2 Corinthians 10:12-18).

II. They have learned to live a life of brokenness and dependence on God instead of living a life based on their own strength and giftedness

I have been in full-time ministry for almost 30 years, and one thing I have found is that the true people of God who have a track record of long-time success all have one thing in common: they have allowed the Lord to break their strong wills and soften their stubborn hearts. Like Jacob of old, they walk with a limp (Genesis 32:24-31). Anyone who has allowed God to deal with them will walk with a limp. I don’t trust any leader who doesn’t walk with a limp!

III. They have learned from the lessons of the past

All of us will go through great challenges in our lives. The book of Proverbs tells us that a person who accepts correction is wise (10:8) but a fool refuses correction (15:5). In the arena of life, not only will wise people like our parents or pastors attempt to correct us, but the situations of life are also orchestrated by God so that we are conformed to His image (Romans 8:28-30). The wise person learns from both people and life experience and doesn’t repeat serious mistakes.

IV. They have learned from the lessons of what others have experienced

Effective leaders do a lot of reading of other successful leaders, and do a lot of listening when in the company of wise, great leaders. We have to do more listening than speaking and make time to fellowship with great minds by reading the books of those we want to emulate.

V. They get adequate counsel

Proverbs teaches us that before we go to war we need an abundance of counsel. To be effective you must learn to hire staff based on your weaknesses, while concentrating on your areas of expertise and strength. The smartest people in the world are those who know and have access to the smartest people they can possibly surround themselves with.

VI. They have adequate coaching and mentoring in specific areas of need

I have an inner circle of people and receive coaching in numerous areas of my life. I don’t have the time to read every available book or get every available degree, so I constantly receive coaching and mentoring from others with more expertise than me in areas like administration, finances, law, nutrition, health, emotional well-being, marriage and relationships, etc. If I didn’t have people who constantly coached me then I would be a disaster and would greatly limit my leadership ceiling!

VII. They are accountable to others

If you desire long-lasting success then you must have accountability regarding your finances, marriage, personal relationships, how you do ministry, strategic planning, and the like. Because all of us have a dark side, we need to have open relationships with people God has assigned to us and give permission to speak correction into our lives.

VIII. They live a balanced life that includes emotional and physical health

Jesus was both human and divine. Many of us forget that we must take care of our emotional and physical health, not just run on spiritual fumes and anointing! We are called to love our neighbor even as we love ourselves. If we do not care for ourselves we will burn out and not be able to be a blessing to others! We need to set physical and emotional boundaries that limit our activities and what we say yes to, so that we will remain a blessing to our families and have time to minister to the Lord for self-renewal.

IX. They know how to read, interpret, and discern the hearts of other key people around them

This is not something that can be taught. Great leaders have an intangible, intuitive ability to read other people accurately. They usually know who to trust and who to partner with. Often, they can tell when God is connecting them to someone instantly, even without meeting that person before!

X. They have a heart after God more than a desire for promotion and ministry

For long-lasting success we need to come to a place where we truly desire to seek God and know God more than making Him known! Only then can God trust us.

XI. They have prudence in the governance of their ministry

A person once told me that he heard Billy Graham met with his team many years ago and decided on certain core things they would always follow for the success of their ministry:

a. Excellence in administration (vision without administration is only a pipe dream!)

b. Never be alone with a woman who you are not married to.

c. Never exaggerate: they vowed to call their ministry what it really was. If there were 50 people in a meeting then they would say publicly that there were 50 people at the meeting; don’t say there were 150 people, etc.

d. Have financial scrutiny and integrity. Hiring outside independent auditors as if they were IRS agents checking the ministry’s books is something every leader should do on an annual basis.

Reasons for the fall of leaders:

I. They live out of their natural giftedness and spiritual anointing but do not build on character and integrity.

First Corinthians teaches that the Corinthian Church lacked no gift (1:7) yet they were also carnal, acting like mere babes in Christ (3:1-4). It is no accident that, after the great chapter describing the manifestations of the Spirit (12), the next chapter is fully devoted to love (13). Paul says that if we have faith that can move mountains but have not love we are nothing! Matthew 7:21-23 tells us that we can do miracles and still miss the Kingdom of Heaven! We need to focus on living a life in which the love of God is fully integrated into our character and habit patterns. This is the only way we can build a long-lasting foundation.

II. They have not learned how to process pain

Because leaders are targets and often experience betrayal they need to learn to give adequate time to process the pain they feel when someone leaves their church or organization. If we do not fully process and face our pain then these unresolved issues will spill over and cause anger, resentment, sarcasm, and bitterness that seep into our lives, cause great dysfunction, and cut off the ability for ministry longevity. We have to learn to grieve, mourn, and process pain until we fully face it and fully forgive before we move on to the next phase of our lives and relationships.

III. They are emotionally immature in certain areas of their lives

Any area of our lives in which we were traumatized–even as a young child–will cause us to stop growing emotionally until we actually face the trauma and allow the Lord to release us from it and heal our hearts. Often this means we also have to forgive folks, whether they are still alive or dead.

IV. They are quick to form an opinion and judge others

V. They are not aware of their dark side and so live in self-deception

We purposely allow areas of discomfort to be rationalized away or pushed aside so we can paint our own picture of ourselves, our worth, and our ministries. Often, the reality of who we think we are does not line up with who God made us to be. Exhibition A is watching the tryouts for American Idol. Some people have no skill in singing and yet they are convinced, based on years of dreaming certain things, that they will one day become a superstar. Simon Cowell of American Idol may be rude and blunt but at least he gives people a shot of reality!

VI. They live for the future and are never living in the present

Many leaders live miserable lives because they are always yearning for something more. Unfortunately, they are never really living in the present but only in past regrets, and the future. Thus they never stop to enjoy and appreciate the people around them, instead taking advantage of them so they can reach their illustrious “future.” I am sick and tired of some of the prophecies that come forth about some glorious future that may or may not come to pass in our lifetime. I think we also need prophecies getting us to appreciate what God and who God has put in our lives today so we can begin to maximize our gifts and release our great potential. If we don’t appreciate what God is doing in the present He can’t trust us with a more glorious future (1 Thes. 5:16, 18)!

VII. They use people instead of loving people

Many are the leaders who view the people around them merely as objects to serve in the church–to tithe or to be some kind of blessing to bring them and their organization to the next level. God is looking for leaders who will celebrate and not exploit the people He has entrusted to them!

VIII. They have a heart for ministry more than a heart for God

Those who only seek God or study the Bible to preach a message are truly missing it. I have found that when I seek God just to delight in Him, He pours amazing messages into me for the church and gives me all the strategy I need to go to the next level. God chose King David because he was a man after God’s heart!

IX. They do not receive correction or coaching from others

I have been with leaders who did not want to hear any negative things about their life or ministry. Hence, they never grew and often failed and left their positions in Christ. We need each other not only for moral support but even so we can effectively hear from God as a hermeneutical community.  Those who can learn from the community of people God has surrounded them with will grow the fastest. This is one of the things I admire so much about Bill Hybels. He radically changed the way he did church based on an honest church survey that he calls “REVEAL.” If he wasn’t open to hearing from God from his community then he would still be attempting to employ unsuccessful strategies to make disciples in his local church today.

X. They seek and need the approval of men more than the approval of God

Many who are involved in ministry have never dealt with the need for approval from a father who abandoned them. Thus they are ministering more out of a need for respect and affirmation than to please God. Consequently, they will live without limits and say yes to numerous ministry endeavors that God didn’t lead them to do. They will also push their churches to fund projects more because they desire a monument that points to the success in their lives than being motivated to expand the Kingdom of God. These leaders often burn out and have terrible family relationships because, ultimately, they are “driven”  personal need more then being led by the Spirit of Christ. – Joseph Mattera

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Govern Your Responses

When we hear disheartening news of our neighbor, do we respond with love or with judgment? Many times it is hard for even the unsaved to approach the saved because they fear being judged. Yes, he that is spiritual judges all things but that word judge means to examine, discern, and comprehend through the eyes of God. If people are afraid to come to you for counsel, advice, or wisdom in an area of their life, it may be because they need someone to listen to their soul cry and offer them counsel that is Godly, loving, wholesome, and life giving without shredding them to pieces in the process. They are not looking to be slaughtered. Show others the same mercy you would want someone to show to you. Being strong in the Word does not mean you have to become a drill sergeant. Remember this, with lovingkindness has He drawn us. May we learn to reciprocate the same.

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Who Told You to Move From the Brook?

The raven fed Elijah in the very place where God commanded him to be. There are some who are expecting God’s provisions and God’s Hand of wonders in their life but they are not in place. God told them to be in one place but they have found another place more comfortable, convenient, and relaxing. Your provisions are in the place where God assigned you. If you are not there, the ‘raven’ is not obligated, not even permitted, to fly out to find you. You will miss your blessing, miss your provision, and miss your miracle because you are in the wrong place at the RIGHT time.

Your raven has a direct route to your set place. If they arrive and you are not there, you miss out. While it is still in the dawning of 2014, make sure that every thing you need for Heaven to deliver to you arrives at your set place and that you are there to receive it. Just like your mail returns to a holding place when no one is home to sign for the package, so are your blessings stored in a holding cell until you find out where you need to be.

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When God Removes the Anointing

God walked away from Nebuchadnezzar to show him that he is nothing without him. Have you noticed what happens to people when the anointing lifts? They are a hot mess. David understood this which is why he cried out with great intensity because he did not want the Lord to take the anointing (take not your Holy Spirit from me) from him. Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t anointed, but God did assigned an anointed vessel to minister to him. And when Daniel warned Nebuchadnezzar and he refused to take heed, the Lord removed His hand, removed Daniel from ministering to Nebuchadnezzar, and a lunatic spirit took over.

Now let me be very clear and candid. When you have been anointed or have been exposed to the anointing and YOU DO SOMETHING that removes you from God’s presence (for God will never abandon you, but your sins will separate you from Him), another spirit takes over. Most times it’s the more heinous form of spirit that has been vexing you all along that when the anointing lifts, moves in. Shall we recall Saul as a witness that when the anointing of God departs, evil spirits take over?

The lunatic spirit took over Nebuchadnezzar’s mind. It drove him to the wilderness to eat grass like an animal. The dew of Heaven fell upon him and soaked his body until his hair grew wildly long and even changed texture to resemble the feathers of a bird. He grew nail claws like a bird too.

Now you may or may not want to acknowledge this, but I maintain to tell you that if a person refuses to heed the counsel of the Lord, refuses to submit to God’s anointing, and resists the correction of the Lord, He will ‘give that person up’ to the very thing that they have been longing after. Nebuchadnezzar wanted to be in charge, so God gave him a kingdom. He drove him into the wilderness and away from people so that he could rule among the oxen and birds. He even poured out dew from Heaven to help him ‘transition’ to his new assignment as ‘king’ of the jungle.

I don’t know the names of some of the ‘gods’ that some people serve but the God I know is the Living God who is a terror to His enemies. I don’t know about the blind and deaf gods that some serve, but my God sees all, knows all, and is all in all.