PDL Book: Prophetic Keys and Prayers, Volume One

Since 2010, when I joined Facebook, I have been inspired to update my statuses with words of encouragement, edification, and enlightenment. Since that time, the Lord has used my posts to reach hundreds of thousands of people on a weekly basis. I would write in response to what I hear the Lord say regarding prayers of the righteous and I would release that answer in a teachable format that would provoke the reader to study the depth of the Word the more.

At the time of printing, according to Facebook statistics, I rank in the top four percent of all fan pages listed as ‘teachers’ and among celebrities, I rank in the top six percent. I don’t take that lightly and I owe it all to the Lord from whom all good things come. 

It was you, Facebook family, who urged me and prompted me to write books which went into greater detail and to God be the glory, here we are. This book and the subsequent volumes are dedicated to my Facebook family. Thank you for your pulling on the teacher and prophetic anointing within me and hungering for a release of God’s holy word. I pray these volumes bless you, encourage you, and grow you. I love you all in Jesus and I often remember to include you in my prayers. You all are an awesome bunch of people. Your fellowship with me on Facebook makes Heaven worthwhile the more; now I have more to look forward to. I pray you enjoy! God bless,

Prophet Delisa Lindsey
PDL Ministries